What does penpalling have to do with traveling?

 I never thought I would be able to afford traveling. In 2010 my cousin helped me to find a penpal website and it started from there. I know writing someone from another country or state seems childish and something you would only do in your 5th grade class, but it opens another door for you, especially if you cannot afford to travel.

In 2010, I started my first of many letters out of the country. What does this have to do with traveling? It has a lot to do with it. This was just the beginning, the door was open. I wanted to learn about people and their cultures. Isn’t that what traveling is about? The experience, the culture, and meeting new people? Yes, writing to people is mental traveling. 

My true and first out of the country traveling experience was in 2013, when I went to Europe. It was a three week experience and I will tell you all about it in another post. Since then I haven’t had the chance to do any traveling out of the country, only in the United States, but I have met two of my penpals. The first penpal meet ups were in 2014 and then again this year, in 2016.

I want to share my experiences with people. If you feel like you can’t afford it, there are ways! I am going to load you guys up with as much details and pictures as possible.

Stay tuned for my next post I am getting into my traveling…. I will be posting at least once a week!

winnie and helena

                       Winnie 2014                                                          Helena 2014

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