My Scariest Moment Traveling

I have only had one moment that I should have been scared. It goes back to the time that I went to Venice, Italy 2013.

 Katie and I had been looking for this restaurant to eat at for a few hours, and it became so late that we missed our bus. There was one bus that circulated 24/7, so we hopped on to stay warm. We eventually had to get off because Katie was bombarded by people talking to her as I was dosing off in the seat because I couldn’t stay awake. We got off at the train station, which wasn’t running, only to get back on the bus when it came back around. We hopped back off in Venice and tried to figure out what to do. I was sitting on some steps as Katie was talking to a taxi driver. I was approached by a guy who I assume, thought I was a prostitute.

Katie finally decided that we would wait till 6am for the buses to start running. We sat down and were approached by some “homeless” people. They sat there chatting with us until our bus came. We then headed back to the campground, getting there a little after 6am, slept in and missed our ride on the gondola.
I would think that being lost and staying out all night in a foreign country would be scary, but in fact it was my favorite part of the whole entire trip. What was your scariest moment traveling? Did you get lost? Did you miss a flight? Have you had a scary moment? Tell me down below! 

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2 thoughts on “My Scariest Moment Traveling

  1. About three years ago I took a one-week-trip to Tokyo with my friends. I was stupid enough to wear brand new shoes. After just a few hours I had multiple blisters on my toes. It was such a nightmare because our schedule involved a whole lot of walking. Last year when I visit the States, I wore brand- new shoes again because I wanted to look good for Aaron. He had to give my poor feet a massage at the airport, lol.

    • I had a similar experience, you may have already read it lol. My feet were messed up for like two weeks, pretty much over half of my 3 week trip was ruined because of my feet. Lesson learned I will bring proper shoes! So I feel your pain!

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