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Thursday, September 15, 2016


How not to Stress on Vacation

I know, I know. My title is a little off putting. Isn’t the point of going on a vacation to relax and not be stressed out? Yes, it is! Something I noticed on my last little vacation was that I seemed irritable(not only because it was hot out). I was stressing myself out about taking notes and taking pictures for my travel blog. (Even my husband noticed it)

Don’t get me wrong, I love having a travel blog. I live for traveling! But I was letting the one thing I love stress me out. I felt like I had to capture every moment. “I have to snap picture of this, I can’t leave it out from the blog.” I kept telling myself.

This isn’t true at all. The point of a vacation is to get away from work, which is sort of hard to do for travel bloggers. So I told myself I don’t have to stop taking pictures. I just have to take less pictures and only take the pictures when it’s a “This is a total photo opportunity that I cannot miss” kind of thing. Other than that I should just be enjoying where I am at. Taking pictures the whole time kind of ruins the moments. Don’t live through a photo lense or through your smart phone on your whole trip. It sort takes the fun out of the trip.

Have you ever stressed yourself out on vacation? What stressed you out? How did you deal with it? Tell me down below! 

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10 thoughts on “Just Relax

  1. I can’t stand people who go on holiday and still do their work. For god sake – put the laptop or phone down and chill out. xx I was a bit nervous – not stressed – taking my first American trip on my own. But I was fine and it was ok, nothing went wrong. xx

    • I definitely had a hard time putting my phone down on my last vacation, since I am a travel blogger. I want to capture every moment, but I have to tell myself not to forget to live in the moment as well. I am glad you had a nice and safe trip in America on your first time! Where did you go while you were in the U.S?

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Haha! I had the same conversation yesterday when someone was making a big fuss onboard because he thought the internet wasn’t working on the flight and how he has to do important stuff!
    When he finally connected, he only sent a few Whatsapp messages and the rest of the flight he spent watching a movie on his seat screen!
    *eye rolling
    People are so afraid to unplug sometimes…

    • Oh wow! I really don’t want to get sucked into the tech world so much. I like the idea of being able to unwind. There are just some places I don’t think to get on the internet, like an airplane. lol.

      But it is definitely nice to be able to disconnect. We should take the opportunity to enjoy when we don’t have Internet. I am sure I would be freaking out, but I would just suck it up and tell myself to enjoy it. I am sure when I get home, the Internet will still be there, unless it decides to crash, then I won’t be alone. Hhaha. I guess we would all have to wonder outside and actually do things.

    • I normally don’t stress even in situations that I probably should. Haha. Just this last vacation in Savannah, “I thought I have to get this picture for my blog”. It was too much. So I am limiting myself on taking pictures, and I should be able to relax more. Plus you can’t really enjoy yourself when you have your phone in front of your nose the whole time.

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