Must Have Gifts For The Wanderlust Traveler

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Updated list February 2017

1. Scratch Off Map- I have one of these and I love it. My husband got it for me as a gift.

2. Travel Watch-this is just too adorable and I NEED one!


3. Collapsible Cup- I also want one of these. This hardly takes up any room! I love it!

4. A Little Note Book or a Travel Journal

5. Travel Umbrella-because it’s cute and great to have in those rainy countries!

6. Cork Globe- this or the scratch off map, or both!

7. Luggage Tags-luggage tags makes things easier, so why not let them be cute!

8. Favor Boxes-because I thought they were just too darn cute!

9. Travel Lamp-okay okay, I know it’s not a “travel” lamp, but it’s probably as close as I am going to get to the Northern Lights for a while…

10. Phone/Wallet Case-I want one of this now! I feel like this can be such a life saver when traveling or just on the go. I am not really a fan of carrying a purse with me all the time. Check for different sizes and colors.

11. Waterproof Pouch-hands free and perfect to keep water from your phone. Check for different sizes and colors. ( I actually have this particular brand. I haven’t used it in deep water, but I have tested it twice in about 2-3 inches for 15+ minutes. I have used it in activities to keep it from splashing water on my phone though) Always test these out with a piece of paper before putting your phone in. 


12. The kameleon Dress!

13. These awesome hair tie bracelets!

14.  A Passport cover

15. A  DNA Test– Who knows how accurate they really are, if you are not wanting to do that you can also check out your family tree, which you also have to pay for. Which is why I think they would make great gifts! Knowing your ancestry is sort of like traveling BACK in time wouldn’t you say??

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Always keep in mind before buying a product the reviews. Products will usually always have a few bad reviews, but I always try to pick stuff that has really good ratings, because I want everything on this list. I will eventually get it. Let me know in the comments of some travel items that get you inspired or that are just handy to have while traveling. 

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14 thoughts on “Must Have Gifts For The Wanderlust Traveler

  1. I want a scratch-off map so badly! Last time I visited my parents, I saw that my dad got one! So jealous!

    Another idea is a passport cover. I live mine because my passport fits in, and it has space to also save my plane tickets and other little things like that 🙂 I think they hate them at airports too, I usually gotta remove my passport from it before handing it over.

    • Yes! A passport cover is a good idea! I have seen some cute ones, I don’t know why I didn’t think to put that on the list. I will probably go back and add a few things in a little while. I love my scratch off map, but there is not a whole lot scratched off. It makes me sad.

  2. I love giving gifts with a purpose. If it’s something I would use then it makes the cut. The tags are cool because you can personalize based on the recipient’s taste and will always come in handy for luggage.

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