11 Things Locals Want You To Know Before Visiting Canada


I asked some locals what they wanted tourist to know before visiting their country!


Alanna says:

1. ”Even though Canadians usually get teased about being too polite, we actually really respect people who are polite, too! (saying please and thank you, holding doors, etc.)”

2. ”Watch where you’re going. Obviously if you’re a tourist, you’re most likely looking up or through a camera, but it can be really annoying when people aren’t looking where they’re going and run into you.”

3. ”Traffic signs, food packing, etc, is written in both English and French.”

4. ”Also guns are NOT a thing. Only people who really have guns are hunters who have long riffles.”

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Cathryn says:

“I live in Regina SK which is where the RCMP Training Depot is.  This is where all the members of the RCMP train.”

 5. ”There is a very interesting kid friendly museum here and there are tours available from the museum.”  

6. ”There is also a chapel which has non denominational services once a month that are open to the public.”

“ What do I wish people knew about Canada?”

7. ” The Canadian Dollar is not the American Dollar.”

8. ”We don’t all live in igloos or teepees.”

9. ”We have gun control laws – don’t bring your hand guns to Canada!”

10. ”We have health care – we pay for it through our taxes.  Don’t show up and expect to get free health care unless you pay taxes here!”

11. ”We don’t have all the same food chains here as in the US.”

Drinking tip: Drinking starts at 18 or 19 depending where you live.


Map of Canada

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18 thoughts on “11 Things Locals Want You To Know Before Visiting Canada

  1. I think if the worst thing people can tease you about is how polite you are, you’re doing pretty well 🙂

    I was impressed by how bike friendly Toronto seemed to be, and how much healthier everyone looked. It felt like a pretty safe city too.

  2. You may have to add a few to account for the massive influx on Americans crossing the border when Donald Trump is inaugurated as President of the United States. You may consider building a wall on the border.

  3. Great tips , never been to Canada yet. I actually can’t hear the difference of American and Canadian xD One thing I know for sure is that Canada can get hell of a lot colder than Norway during winter 😀 Thanks for sharing.

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