Where To Start With Travel Insurance

Finding The Perfect Insurance For You

The best way to get started is typing “Travel Insurance”into a search bar. But once I see the long list of lists I start to get overwhelmed.The best thing you can do, including doing your own research, is to search maybe that particular travel blogger you follow and start with the travel insurances they suggest to help you get going. There are a lot of travel insurances out there and it gets overwhelming.

Make sure to check what YOUR health insurance covers, see what travel coverage it has. Also, some credit cards offer travel insurance as well (Make sure that it includes medical coverage). I also have read that Medicare is not covered outside of the U.S. I know, lots of things to keep in mind, but if you already understand how insurance works, this shouldn’t be too hard for you. However, not all of us do, so I am here to make it a little bit easier for you.

This Is What I Did To Find This List Of Travel Insurances I am Suggesting

– I searched around for the “more well known travel bloggers” to see what they suggested.

-I did further googling to see what other bloggers suggested, as well as just looking around at lists.

– I asked travel bloggers that I knew more personally what kind of insurance they have used or suggest.

-If you are having your trip set up for you, some agents offer travel insurance, but it will not be customized. So make sure you know what the insurance includes and doesn’t.

There Is A Lot That Goes Into Picking The Right Health Insurance

1. You want your policy/plan to cover up to 50k (USD) -100k (USD)(Maybe even more) What I read says why you want it to be so high, so it covers transfers, natural disasters/wars/invasions, or if you need to be flown back to your home country to have better care, etc.

2. Make sure it does include transfers to facilities, natural disasters, and medical repatriation.

3. You want to cover most countries in the world (especially the one or ones you are going to)

4. You want to check what the the insurance excludes. It could exclude something that you were looking for or need in the medical insurance. (all policies are different, some might not include certain accidents while others may. Some also have a certain time frame for when the injury occurred.)

5. You want to know what the deductible will be. ( You don’t want to get there and have to pay $1k(USD) you weren’t prepared to pay. What if you don’t have that?)

6. Make sure pre-existing medical conditions are covered

Travel Insurance Covers More Than Just Medical

I am really only talking about medical because it is the most important to me, but if you are searching for travel insurance: it does include other things besides medical. (depending on what plan you pick)

*Items that are lost or stolen, etc

*Rental car insurance

*Canceling your trip or delays,flights, hotels, etc

*24 hour assistance

*Emergencies other than medical causing you to fly home

*Financial protection from the insurance you have (incase the insurance company goes bankrupt, etc)

List Of Insurances To Get You Started

1. World Nomads

2. Insure My Trip (this site compares travel quotes)

3. International Medical Group

4. Medjet Assist

5. Travel Guard (AIG)

6. Cover More

Travel Insurance Cost

Travel insurance varies. It depends on several factors: your age, destination, how much money you have paid into the trip, etc

With all that being said: pick a few companies, compare prices, customize it for all your needs and pick one that has the best price you can live with. There is no reason to go through a hundred insurances.

This list is not only for you, but for myself as well. I have only been out of the country once, but I didn’t think of travel insurance at the time. This list is to help me get started next time I plan a trip out of the country as well. I would hate to get somewhere, have an accident and not have a proper way to get my injury fixed.

Y’all I am not going to lie this post kind of gave me a headache, this is stressful! Haha.

I hope this list has helped you. If there are any other questions you need to know about travel insurance let me know, and I will make sure to go back and cover them. Insurance in general can be so confusing, let’s help each other out and make it easier!

If you have anything to add or would like to suggest another insurance for my list please let me know down in the comments. 

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18 thoughts on “Where To Start With Travel Insurance

  1. Travel insurance is one of the most important things you can buy – as a travel blogger I always make sure mine is up to date. You just never know what life is going to throw at you and it’s best to be prepared!

    • So true! I didn’t realize how important it was until I did more research recently. My first time traveling out of The States, I didn’t have travel insurance. I now realize how important it really is, especially when you visit certain countries.

    • Yes, I got so stressed make this post, but it makes it easier when you have a blog post as a guideline to help you. I will refer back to this post when it is time for me to buy some travel insurance.

  2. I primarily live outside of the US so my options are a little different. I always travel with an overseas health insurance policy; other things, such as theft etc will vary depending on where I’m going or how long I’l be staying.

  3. Travel insurance is so important! I didn’t realize it was something to think about, till I started reading about how it saved others who got sick or hurt themselves while on their trip. Better to not even have to worry about paying back medical bills while on vacation!! Great list.

    x Kate

  4. I usually buy the travel insurance that Expedia offers me, since it includes money back and/or flexibility to change my tickets in case of sickness or accidents, which I think can be useful, especially when I buy them way ahead of time. I know it also includes something about help or coverage if I get sick during my trip. But I’ve never looked much at the details. There is so much more to insurance though! Thanks for all these tips!

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