Top Movies To Inspire Travel

1.  Tracks-Based on a true story, Robyn Davidson  travels across the Australian outback seeking solitude with her camels and dog, only to be sought out by National Geographic. 


2. Wild– A woman (played by Reese Witherspoon)  hikes the Pacific Crest Trail with no backpacking experience to deal with life tragedies. wild

3. Into the Wild- Also based on a true story, is about a young man who decides to abandon the materialistic world and survive in the outdoors, meeting people on his journey. 


4. Captain Fantastic- A wife and husband decide to raise their children away from society, but the mother soon dies, and the father struggles to decide if the wilderness is the best place to raise his children after all.


5. Hunt For the Wilderpeople-  A boy is adopted by a man and woman and is soon swept off into the Wilderness of New Zealand as he and his new foster father are on the run from the police. 


6. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty- About a man who needs to find a clue in order for him to help with his job. This requires him to go on a journey traveling in some pretty crazy conditions, it doesn’t help that well he’s never really taken risks like this! 

My opinions are basically the same for all of these movies, some are sad and some are happy and some are sad and happy. But at the end of each movie it leaves me realizing how much I do want to get out and travel. It reminds me that if I want to go backpacking or I want to do anything with traveling then I can, and no one, nor society can stop me. These types of movies always leave my wanderlust stirring. 

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13 thoughts on “Top Movies To Inspire Travel

  1. One of my favorite movies ever is The Secret Life of Walter Mitty! Not only does is have amazing scenery, but it also is very relatable for me, since he’s scared of everything, just like I am. I haven’t watched any of these ones you listed though, will look into them 🙂

    • Oh my gosh! I cannot believe I forgot that movie! I am going to have to add it in because that is some serious travel in that movie! I think that movie really sparked something in me when I watched it. It think it made me realize how much I wanted to get out in the world, but at that time I don’t think I was trying to do anything related to travel.

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