The Top Things To Do In Italy

Planning a trip to Italy anytime soon? Here are a few things I suggest!

Make sure to check out my trip from my time in Italy here, also if you want to get an idea from my whole  three week trip start out with part 1 England

1.  Ride in a Gondola


2. Eat Pasta

3. Visit the Colosseum




4. Visit the Trevi Fountain


Trevi Fountain.


5. Visit the Spanish Steps

Spanish Steps.

6. Visit The National Monument of Victor Emmanuel II

The National Monument of Victor Emmanuel II

7. Visit the Pantheon


8. And of course EAT Gelato 

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22 thoughts on “The Top Things To Do In Italy

  1. I’ve done most of those things before and totally agree. I would also add eating Risotto Balls to the list and drink in the coffee shops. The coffee shops in the morning are quite a fun experience as the staff just serve so many and so quick. It seemed somewhat chaotic but also smooth and organised. 🙂

    During my visit I didn’t get to see the Trevi Fountain as it was having maintenance. I guess I need to visit again! 🙂

    • I have yet to try coffee in any of the countries that I visited yet! How was the coffee? Oh no, I have read where other people wen to see the Trevi Fountain and it was also under-maintenance.

  2. I was in Italy in 2015 – found the whole experience to be unpleasant, hot, smelly, dirty, lots of people, pickpockets galore and I felt genuinely unsafe.

    • Hmm. That is a terrible experience. What part did you go to? I have only been to Rome and Venice. I had a pretty good time. I once missed my bus and was out to 6am, and I never even felt unsafe. Sorry you had a bad experience. I would say give it another try or maybe go to a different city next time.

  3. Very Informative! My experience was great, Pizza and Pasta was top of it . but I forgot to visit the Spanish steps but it’s on top of my list now! I will be visiting it next year! Cheers! 🙂

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