U.S. Delivered , shipping from the United States.

Cheaper Shipping Options for Travelers Out of the United States

Ship U.S. Products for Cheaper!

So the U.S. retailer you want to buy from doesn’t ship internationally?  U.S. Delivered has got you! 

 Ship from a U.S. address VS the Retailer you are Buying From.

This is great for travelers and penpals who need/want to buy things from U.S. companies.

Save Money.

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U.S. Delivered is a forwarding packing company. Let me explain; if you live out side of the U.S. and you are buying from a a company that ships out of the U.S., sometimes it’s cheaper to ship to an American address and then ship from there. This is a great option if an American retailer does not ship internationally! “You can order from different retailers and have all the packages shipped to your address.”

U.S. Delivered allows you to ship to their warehouse, where they will repackage(if you want)  and send from their warehouse to your country. Check out their rates for shipping and you can also use a shipping calculator. This is not only good for travelers but also for people who PENPAL that live out of the country that  buy from American companies. 

More about U.S. Delivered

They have been in business for over 15 years. 

You get a permanent U.S. Address for free.

There is no membership fee! 

They have a tracking service. 

Check out “how it works.” 

Cheaper shipping

Click here to get started

“Shop like you live in the U.S.”


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Cheaper Shipping
U.S. Delivered , shipping from the United States.
U.S. Delivered , shipping from the United States.
Cheaper shipping
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