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25 Things Locals Want You To Know Before Visiting Georgia


I asked some locals what they wanted tourist to know before visiting their country!


Yukti says:

  1. Georgia is known as Cradle of Wine. Many people believe as Greeks has introduced wine but during the latest findings of remains of oldest wine making vessels from 6000B.C. are found in Kakheti region of Georgia. Also not about the history but Georgia produces 500species of grapes and produces the world’s best tasting wines. So whenever you are in Georgia taste Georgian wine and also when you return back then have some Saperavi(red), Mtsvane and Rkatsiteli(both white) grapes.
    Georgia wine


    Georgia Wine
    Georgia wine
  2. Georgia is known as Land of Hospitality.  Therefore Homestays are very much recommended in Georgia. Prefer living with locals and be like locals to enjoy Georgia to the fullest. I am sure when you return back you have some good and loyal friends in Georgia.
  3. Driving on highways of Georgia is rough sometimes therefore it is preferred to hire someone local to drive the car or go for public transport. But as there may not be public transport according to your time then hire a car with driver. Hiring a car with driver will not break your bank.
  4. Georgia is not too expensive so you can afford many luxurious activities in pocket friendly budget.
  5. In winters people come to Georgia to learn skiing and other winter sports with a trainer because it is inexpensive. Skiing is expensive game but here if you want to try out then you just have to pay 20 to 50 lari per hour which is super cheap.
  6. Paragliding and Mountain bikes also comes in affordable rates and can be done without breaking the banks.
  7. If you are animal lovers then Georgia is the place for you, as you see animals like horses, sheep and cows roaming with you on roads and sometimes they are chasing you or you are chasing them.
    Cows in Georgia the country
    Cows roaming around.
    Georgia Horses
    Horses roaming around in Georgia


  8. There are many UNESCO heritage sites for history lovers. Many sites are 6th century B.C. and 12th century B.C.
  9. Georgia follows Orthodox Christian religion and so religion lovers may find it interesting due to very old monasteries and churches on the peak of beautiful hills.
  10. Health conscious people will also love Georgia because there are natural Sulphur Baths in Borjomi and Tbilisi known for their healing properties.
  11. Georgian cuisine is very special and unique. Try Khachapuri, Lobiyo, Lobiyani and Khinkali. If you have not tasted Georgian food then you will miss something.  

    Georgian authentic cuisine
    Georgian authentic cuisine


 Lady selling churchkhela a special sweet.
Lady selling churchkhela a special sweet.

12. Georgian sweet named Churchkhela made from thickened grape juice with walnuts as core are very famous and unique. They look like sausages. Must try and can be bought for gifting back.

13. Georgia is safe country. Not to worry much, only general precautions must be taken.

14. A one most important point don’t go to any adult night club in Georgia as there they will rip you off.

15. If you are a women then you will get special limelight from Georgian people especially from men. Georgian men are good flatterers of women and they make you feel so beautiful that you will feel like a princess or queen.

16. Georgia is known as Balcony of Europe. Georgia comes in Eurasia. So Georgian culture is influenced by both Europe and Asia. You can see and feel both the cultures here.

17. Georgia is surrounded by Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and so it has multicultural impact on society and when you go there you will feel all those things.

18. As Georgia is very small country depending on tourism and agriculture economically but here in some places you will find space age architecture in Georgia as if some buildings will hold those Star war characters.

19. Women are obliged to wear skirts and head cover in churches.

20. Smoking is allowed almost everywhere.

21. You can drink tap water or the waters from Borjomi springs are very medicinal and healing type.

22. Plugs and adapters are similar to EU system.

23. Currency of Georgia is Georgian Lari and there are lot of money exchanges everywhere, for exchange. Just keep in mind before exchange you ask the rate and commission as they sometimes change their words are try to exchange some less.

24. Georgian people are very family oriented people maintaining their relations upto 4th generation.

25. Don’t miss the opportunity to watch Georgian dance with Georgian music in some Georgian restaurant with their traditional décor and local food with Georgian wine.


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Local Tips from the country Georgia
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  1. Wow! What an amazing place! When I first heard about Georgia (the country), I thought my friend was just being silly. Thank you for giving a more in-depth look at this gem of a place!

  2. I really don’t know much about Georgia, so this was an interesting post. I would love to visit and try their wine. Nice to hear that they flatter the women! Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard.

  3. I think it ould be lovely to visit Georgia one day! I’ve discovered several amazing pins from there. Thanks for all the info! Thanks for linking up with #TheWeeklyPostcard!

  4. I have seen beautiful photos from Georgia and it’s nice to know that it is an inexpensive country to visit. I also like that the people are so friendly. I prefer to be a traveler and experience the culture, as opposed to a tourist. I am from the state of Georgia in the US so it would be cool to visit this country. Thanks for sharing #TheWeeklyPostcard.

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