Paper trails for

If You Find This While Traveling…

Watch Out For My Paper Trails!

I have decided to go a little bit old school, plus I just thought it would fun! I have decided to leave these bits of paper around and see how many of you actually find them! If you do find them reach out to me and let me know! I have already had one person passing through Oklahoma find one! 

Paper trails for
This is my first person to respond to finding my paper trail! She responded by posting it on Facebook!

Hopefully I will be able to send some of you post cards or little gifts when you find them! Take a picture and let me know where you found the little note!!!

Paper trails for
This is what you should find!

LET THE GAMES BEGIN! I am too excited about this!

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Paper trails for
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10 thoughts on “If You Find This While Traveling…

  1. What a fun idea! I’m sure people around the world will love finding your little notes you leave. I’ll be sure to follow along to see who you reach.

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