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✈️Stumbling around the world🌎one country at a time. 🏟Adventures🚀traveling 💌pen palling-Alabama. #chasatravels  Articles go out every Friday.

My main mission with my blog is to help people see the beauty in other states and countries. I want to provide you with information and pictures that are helpful to you, but also allows you to see the experience through my eyes.

My name is Chasa. I am 27 years old. I was born and live in the state of Alabama. My love for traveling started in 2010 when I began pen palling. My first international traveling experience was in 2013, where I traveled to England, France, Spain, and Italy.

Chasa Travels consists of pictures, reviews, tips/suggestions to all the places I have been, want to go, things to do in my home state of Alabama, and all hiking experiences. I want to do the tourist thing as well as the local thing. I stay in hotels all the way to hostels. I am here to help you plan your trip!

A few little fun facts about me:
I like going walking, hiking, collecting maps, collecting patches, going to festivals/conventions, and I don’t wear makeup!

Dare to LiveLet me know what’s on your travel bucket list! 

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15 thoughts on “About Me

  1. did you get a comment from me? I wrote a long one and hadn’t clicked ‘post comment’ when I decided to click ‘follow’ and my comment disappeared. I hope you get it.

  2. Thanks for sharing. This is really cool. Have fun in your travels and stay safe. What’s the most important item that you would recommend getting for a person who travels leisurely and for business that will make it more enjoyable?

    • Comfortable shoes! Even though it may be a business trip, make sure you pack shoes you will be able to endure! If your feet are messed up so is your whole trip, unless you are doing a lot of sitting! It’s also what is most important to you on a trip as well. Do you prefer to be more comfortable while traveling, maybe you care more about your sleeping arrangements, or maybe you prefer a certain pillow or certain sleeping clothes! One thing I always recommend are good shoe though! So the one item I will always suggest to people are “THE SHOES.”

  3. Marshy is soooo adorable! Very neat to stumble across another travel blogger originally from the states! Alabama is on my bucket list. It’s amazing how large the US is — one day I hope to see all 50. Looking forward to following one another on our journeys. Cheers!!

    • Thank you. She is pretty cute! You are right, a lot of the travel bloggers I have connected with are out of the US. I’d love to go to all 50 states as well. The US is a lot bigger than people realize. There’s a lot to explore.

  4. Hi Shasa! I just saw your post on Facebook about your business card and thought to pay a visit to your blog. Your about me page looks really cool! I like the pics and the description of yourself! I will have a look also in the other sections

    Nice work!

    • Thanks! I’m not really sure about my “about me” I like to keep it short and sweet and I am not sure how professional it is, but I know that I personally get bored reading the super long about me’s even if I am interested in the blogger themselve.

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