The Top Things To Do In New Orleans

We all know why everyone goes to New Orleans: Mardi Gras and to drink, drink and drink some more. But not everyone goes there just to drink and party. There are lots of other things to do there besides all this. I lived near New Orleans in Terrytown for about 6 months! Here are some of my favorite experiences!

I lived on the West Bank of the Mississippi river. I was not really partial to living here, luckily I lived on the other side and not so much the city. I think New Orleans is a fun place to visit and it has lots of history as well.

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How I Traveled Without Leaving my Hometown.

Meeting My Pen Pals for the First Time

If you have ever started pen palling at any time in your life, you get to the point in that friendship that you really want to meet that person. I have only met two of my pen pals, Helena from Australia and Winnie Wu from Taiwan. Sometimes meeting someone like this can leave you in a pretty awkward position especially if you are not very social. I thought that I had been over what I would say a thousand times, what questions I would ask if I ever met any of my pals. Here are the stories of my first meet ups with Helena and Winnie.

helena blog
This is the only picture I have of Helena and me. We were at Jasper park. It was soooo cold!

Helena came over in the United States in 2014, she made it to Alabama in February, which I might add is a cold time to be in the beautiful state of Alabama. The first time we met she came to my work, at the time I was working at Dollar General. I thought it was pretty exciting that she met me there, I won’t lie, I felt like I had won some award I wanted to show off and tell everyone about.

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What to do in Europe (Part 4 Italy)

After we had left Spain, we took a bus to Venice. I think we took a quick look around and then we just wanted to find our “hostel” We had a little trouble figuring out the bus passes, and I am pretty sure the bus driver thought we were “dumb” Americans that were lying. So we finally found where we were staying, it was a campground called Camping Rialto, we also thought we were going to be staying in a chalet, nope it was a tent, after everything we had went through. 

Europe 78
The campground we stayed out near Venice

The campground was really nice. The people were friendly, pretty sure you had to pay for wi fi and you had to have your own toilet paper. It was pretty nice for a campground and it wasn’t too far from Venice because we had to take a bus to get there, maybe about 10-15 minutes out.

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What to do in Europe(Part 3 Spain)

On our way from France, I believe we took a train to Barcelona. I remember us getting in at like 5 or 6 in the morning, and I remember seeing these people stumbling off of the train loud and drunk because apparently people party late there. We were staying in another hostel and this time it was with multiple girls. They were a little loud, but not too horrible. ALBERG DE JOVENTUT IDEAL YOUTH HOSTEL, was the name of the hostel. The bathrooms and showers were outside of the rooms. The people were mostly friendly in Spain.

I remember us eating at a McDonald’s one night of all places. We walked to the beach and along the way we saw people dressed up as statues, it was pretty cool. The beach we swam in was the Balearic Sea which is a part of the Mediterranean Sea, which I thought was pretty cool that I swam in! This beach was a topless beach, but there really were not that many topless people. The ones I did see were older people…I also remember that I had to buy a new bathing suit when I was there. I still have that bathing suit, it’s like a souvenir, and I love it. 

This is me posing with a statue/piece of art wearing my souvenir bathing suit. 

At this point I felt like my feet were dead, so walking in the sand my feet felt like I was walking on a cloud. So Katie told me about this place where everyone gets these particular pair of shoes, so we were on the hunt for them for a while and I will tell you my feet did feel a little better wearing them, but not much, I had to walk barefoot a lot. The store that we bought them from was called LA MANUAL ALPARGATERA, I have to admit Katie’s were cuter she got the wedges, but I love mine and I still wear them to this day.

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What to do in Europe (Part 2 France)

Once we were back from our road trip and were back in London. We rested up for a day and then we were headed off to France. We took a bus to France, okay we know that is not possible. We took a bus on a ferry, which was pretty cool. It was the biggest ferry I had ever been on at that point. I can’t remember how long the ferry ride was, but I know we ate breakfast on the ferry and soon we were back on the bus and back on the ground.

We went through their “bus security” (where you would get a stamp), at some point we stopped at a rest stop/public restroom. Well there was a stand up toilet. 

stand up toliet

 I wasn’t quite sure what to do so, I opened up my stall and asked Katie, “What is this? How do I use it?” Well easy answer, you just stand there and do your business. (Beware details for this trip is limited and scattered.)



It was similar to this, there was a rail you could hold onto and the hole was bigger, and your feet were further away from the hole.

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