Weekend Getaway to Chicago

Weekend Getaway to Chicago Guide

Fun Packed Guide For the Windy City Olivia is here to guide us through a fun weekend in Chicago:Enjoy this guest post by Olivia  Everyone deserves a little getaway once and a while. I mean who doesn’t love a quick weekend getaway to a whole new city?! Chicago is the perfect city to spend a weekend … Read more

Travel Hack: Shampoo Sheets

Shampoo sheets

Using Water Soluble Paper to Make Shampoo Sheets Travel Hacks Testing out travel hacks Have you guys watched videos of people making shampoo sheets for traveling or camping? This is something I wanted to test out as an alternative to carrying liquids with me on trips. Carrying liquids through airports are a hassle, they can … Read more

20 Things Locals Want You to Know Before Visiting South Africa

South Africa Flag

South Africa

I asked some locals what they wanted tourist to know before visiting their country!


Lottie says:

-Learn about the country before you arrive-

1. South Africa has a controversial history with many changes only being made in the last few decades. Visitors should have an understanding of this and be prepared for differences between South Africa’s culture and your cultures because they will occur. The best way to do this is to read, Google, watch, any and everything you can to find out about the country and it’s political and cultural history before you go.

-Escape the tourist hot spots-

2. Of course, Table Mountain is a must see. However, visitors will get much more of a sense of traditional South African cultures away from the tourist hot spots and the cosmopolitan cities. South Africa has so much to offer its visitors and most of this can be found away from the sights listed in tourist guide books / travel forums. Away from the cities you will see the beautiful landscapes; vast, arid planes, beaches, sand dunes and rugged coastlines that make South Africa so special. 

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Alabama Holi Festival

Holi Festival

Festival of Colors You heard it right, there is a Holi Festival right here in Good Old Alabama. I decided to do a blog post on Alabama festivals happening this 2017 year, while doing this I came across this awesome festival. Holi Fest is more known for a colorful festival that happens in India. Some of us can’t … Read more