Bucket List

Dare to Live- (Everyone should do at least one crazy or new thing a week, Katie gave me that idea:) )

I call it Dare to Live because I hate calling it a bucket list, even though I guess that is what it is. Some of the things on here seem kind of strange, well that’s because they are and I myself am a little weird.

What’s on your bucket list? Leave them down below in the comments.

      The List          

  1. Renaissance festival ( Greenville, AL) 
  2. White water rafting
  3. Rowing a boat with real oars
  4. Hot air balloon
  5. Stay in a boat house
  6. Visit/stay in an Indian reservation
  7. Stay/see an igloo
  8. Stay/visit the Amish
  9. Kentucky derby 
  10. See penguins(Not in a zoo, in a natural habitat)
  11. Corn maze (I already did this one if you saw my video, even though I would like to go more in depth in a corn maze bc I think it would be fun to get lost in one) I may do this one again. 
  12. Get a tumbleweed
  13. Milk a cow(Don’t judge me) lol
  14. Europe ( Part one-England, Italy, Spain and France)
  15. Karaoke
  16. Go sailing
  17. Skiing/snowboarding
  18. Visit/stay on a farm/ranch
  19. Medieval times(Where you eat like medieval times and you see them joust)
  20. Paintballing
  21. Swim/pet dolphins
  22. Ice fishing
  23. See the Northern Lights
  24. Visit all my pen-pals
  25. Visit Greece, China, Ireland, Scotland, Australia..etc
  26. Go to an ostrich race
  27. And maybe surf.. just maybe…
  28. Learn to play the guitar
  29. Go hunting, get a coon, make coon hat
  30. For real camping
  31. Sit on a billboard(And converse, or eat or whatever)
  32. Skinny dipping 
  33. Stay at TeePee Hotel in TX
  34. Go to an opera (sit in the box)
  35. Baseball game (2014) 
  36. Roller derby
  37. Grape vineyard (Squish)
  38. Find a waterfall
  39. Train ride
  40. Spa {The whole ordeal}
  41. Disney World
  42. Glass beach in CA
  43. Quit Mountain dew
  44. Yellowstone National Park
  45. Larping
  46. Burning man
  47. Whistle Stop Cafe
  48. Clay/pottery class
  49. Rain room in London
  50. Unclaimed Baggage Center in Alabama
  51. Hold a baby panda
  52. Hold a tiger cub
  53. Visit an elephant ranch and interact with them
  54. Go to Hawaii
  55. Go to Alaska
  56. Go to Colorado
  57. Visit St. Martin Island
  58. Hike up a volcano
  59. Walk The Great Wall of China
  60. Stay in a hotel/motel that has a skeleton key
  61. Zip lining
  62. Lake Hillier (pink Australia lake)
  63. Halloween Town
  64. Visit Brown Mountain, NC
  65. Lizzie Borden House
  66. Mount Rushmore
  67. Juliet’s wall
  68. Comic-Con, Magic City Con, DragonCon
  69. Go to airport pick a random place to fly to and spend the day there.

What’s on your bucket list?


Medieval festival 3
Renaissance Festival Greenville, AL

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  1. You know, I do a lot of travel, I’m one of the directors for DragonCon over in Atlanta, I’m an Assistant Scoutmaster who loves camping, and many MANY other adventurous things…I could probably help you with some of your things to do! If you’re ever interested, just drop me a line!

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