Alabama Haunted Houses for 2017

Alabama Haunted Houses and Trails

Haunted Houses and Trails for 2017 Make sure you check out the websites or social medias to keep up with the days and hours they are open, as well as if they sudden close due to weather or other issues. They do tend to open at the end of September. SPOOKTRAIL| Quinton, AL| Website | Facebook … Read more

The Best Local Places to Eat in Alabama

The best local restaurants to eat at in Alabama

Local Eateries in Alabama Local Restaurants You Must Try as You Travel Through Alabama When most people think of food they think of the bigger cities, well these are not your bigger city restaurants. Here are a few choices of local eateries if you are passing through Alabama. I may have wanted to write this … Read more

Things Locals Want You To Know Before Visiting Jamaica

Jamaica I asked some locals what they wanted tourist to know before visiting their country! Here is what Jo and Leisa said: Experience a little piece of paradise on earth that is Jamaica We are Jamaicans by birth. This, we believe, gives us enough authority to be able to give advice about visiting this super cool … Read more