Cheaper Shipping Options for Travelers Out of the United States

U.S. Delivered , shipping from the United States.

Ship U.S. Products for Cheaper! So the U.S. retailer you want to buy from doesn’t ship internationally?  U.S. Delivered has got you!   Ship from a U.S. address VS the Retailer you are Buying From. This is great for travelers and penpals who need/want to buy things from U.S. companies. Save Money. This website contains some affiliate links/ads, … Read more

Chasa Travels Giveaway ***ENDED*** And the Winner is…

Giveaway! Because I love you all so much! And the winner is: Michelle Rayeske-Jeske!!! Congrats!  I am so excited about this giveaway! I have bought several of these items or they were donated! I will get into all that as I let you know what the prizes are! This is an international giveaway, everyone can … Read more

Alabama Festivals for 2017

Alabama 2017 Festivals

Alabama Festivals for 2017   I know  a lot of people like to travel for festivals! I think that is something fun that can be different in every country/state! Here is a list of festivals in Alabama if you are coming through! Last Updated: 08-01-17   February Mobile Mardi Gras  | Mobile, AL | All … Read more

Top Movies To Inspire Travel

1.  Tracks-Based on a true story, Robyn Davidson  travels across the Australian outback seeking solitude with her camels and dog, only to be sought out by National Geographic.  2. Wild– A woman (played by Reese Witherspoon)  hikes the Pacific Crest Trail with no backpacking experience to deal with life tragedies.  3. Into the Wild- Also based on … Read more