Great News! I am a Travel Contributor for a Website!

I am excited to announce that I am a part of Kicking Ass And Looking Pretty!!! This group of ladies are all about teaching and supporting each other.  I will be apart of their travel section, but they have a little bit of everything to offer for all you ladies- healthy eating, something for all the … Read more

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Independence Day

Also known as The Fourth of July

It is a day that we signed the Declaration of Independence to become our own Nation, thus giving it the name “Independence Day.” Happy birthday to America! It is our country’s 240th birthday!!!

How do you celebrate the fourth of July? Most people in America grill out and shoot fireworks, as a lot of the older traditions have faded out. This year my husband and I decided to grill out and invite our friends over, later we went to The American Village to watch fireworks. Then we decided to buy a few fireworks and invite one of John’s friends over to end our 4th of July!

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What does penpalling have to do with traveling?

 I never thought I would be able to afford traveling. In 2010 my cousin helped me to find a penpal website and it started from there. I know writing someone from another country or state seems childish and something you would only do in your 5th grade class, but it opens another door for you, especially if you cannot afford to travel.

In 2010, I started my first of many letters out of the country. What does this have to do with traveling? It has a lot to do with it. This was just the beginning, the door was open. I wanted to learn about people and their cultures. Isn’t that what traveling is about? The experience, the culture, and meeting new people? Yes, writing to people is mental traveling. 

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