22 Tips To Help Make Travel Easy

22 Tips To Help Make Travel Easy

1. Bring Comfortable shoes. *I learned this the hard way, if you followed along with my Europe series (England, France, Spain, Italy). You will know that I messed my feet up for over 50% of this three week trip. I can’t stress enough how important this tip is, if you are going to be doing a lot of walking!

2. Copy/scan all your important document passports, hotel info, home address info.*Have paper copies and send them to your email too. Go above and beyond.

3. Take lots of photos.*But this shouldn’t be the main focus on your trip, taking too many pictures can take away from your trip. Enjoy where you are.

4. Learn a few words of the language if it is different than yours.

5. Write down the address of where you will be staying.

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What’s On Your Bucket List???

I thought it would be fun to see what everyone has on their bucket list? It doesn’t have to just be a travel list, just anything that you want to do. My list consists of all sorts of crazy weird things! Let me know what you desire to do! Share down in the comments.  Yeah you can go ahead and tell me how weird some of my stuff is. I don’t care, that’s what makes it fun! I do have lots of different places I want to travel to on my list, tell me where you want to go!

My Bucket List

What’s on your bucket list? 

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15 Things Locals Want you to Know Before Visiting Alabama

Alabama is where I am from.

1.We are not all redneck. >> You know overalls, straws hanging out of our mouth, wearing wifebeaters. (white tank tops)wife-beater

2.We may talk slow, but that does not mean we are dumb!>> We actually have some great schools here; Auburn University, University of Alabama, and UAB, just to name a few.alabama-football-logo






3.Which reminds me FOOTBALL is huge here! >>You are either an Alabama fan or an Auburn fan. Dare I say it….. ROLL TIDE.. sorry I am not much of a football fan. alabama-stadium4. I don’t live in a tourist part of Alabama.>> But I have been told from other travelers, that Alabama has some of the nicest welcoming people.

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