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~Living in the South~ (Alabama)

So there always seem to be some  misconceptions  about Southerns. Just because we are from the South does not mean:

 1. We do not all own farms! We have cities you know! Besides if you are from Ohio  or have ever been  EX: they have tons and tons of fields up there. In fact I do not even live around a farm. 

 2. We have a little drawl but that does not mean  we are all slow.  

3. We do not all wear overalls. ( I’ll admit I have a pair of short overalls.) 

4. We do not all own a pair of boots. ( I’ll admit that I do.) 

5. Not all girls like to dress up, not all girls like to go hunting and get dirty. 

 6. Not everyone owns gun but dang if you ever try to take our guns away… There will be h*ll to pay. 

7. I love love love my sweet tea! You are not a true Southern if you do not like sweet tea or  you don’t say the word y’all. 

8. Not everyone says the word y’all. (In fact a lot of people don’t) 

9. Not everyone likes sweet tea ( It’s a shame.) 

10. A lot of people like  to use the word coke to refer to any type of drink, for Ex: What would you like to drink? Ahhh.. a coke would be good. Okay what kind?….. No no no.. I stopped this  a long time ago. It just doesn’t make sense. I do say the word soda ( A Northern word I know) Or I just plainly state what I want to drink. 

 11. A lot of people are obsessed with football down here especially ALABAMA FOOTBALL. I’ll give a little Roll Tide! ( I really do not like football!) But down here it is big! 

 12. We do not have to go out back to get our meat. We can go to the grocery store. (Unless you go hunting) It’s a good skill to know, but not as necessary as it used to be. 

 13. There is a difference in REDNECK and white trash. 

 14. We have electricity and running water.

 15. I actually prefer my guy to be a little bit more outdoorsy. (They all are not though) Look at it this way, if we somehow get lost in the middle of the woods in the incidence of unfortunate events, we will know how to survive. 

 16. Not everyone has a pickup truck and goes mud riding…(In fact half the time I hear those loud-muddy trucks I get annoyed by it)


17. We are not racist! (Some people  might actually be but that’s because they are old.)

 Okay okay. I could go all day long with this but I am going to stop. 

 Thanks for reading!  


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Help my blog travel the world
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8 thoughts on “lIVING IN THE SOUTH

  1. Lol. I am not sure if people actually believe #14, but sometimes in a joking/demeaning manner people throw out there things like that. For example everyone assumes everyone lives on a farm with just an outhouse or something. Like they believe everyone from Alabama is backwards. I am sure no one actually believes that though. They would be backwards to think that.

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