The Top Things To Do In New Orleans

The Top Things To Do In New Orleans

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We all know why everyone goes to New Orleans: Mardi Gras and to drink, drink and drink some more. But not everyone goes there just to drink and party. There are lots of other things to do there besides all this. I lived near New Orleans in Terrytown for about 6 months! Here are some of my favorite experiences!

I lived on the West Bank of the Mississippi river. I was not really partial to living here, luckily I lived on the other side and not so much the city. I think New Orleans is a fun place to visit and it has lots of history as well.

New Orleans 10
The view from  Algiers Point. This is where we would take the ferry over.

Here are the things you must do while visiting  New Orleans:

  • Hansen’s Sno-Bliz, the place to go to have shaved ice, you might even be lucky enough to spot a celebrity there.
  • Bourbon Street, honestly to me this street is overrated and smells, but this is where people go to drink.(Make sure to walk down to where it is quiet and people live, my husband and I saw a man walking his two goats! )
  • Audubon Aquarium of the Americas.
  • Ghost Tours.
  • Audubon Zoo, this place was huge and it has a lazy river in it! 
  • Audubon Nature Institute and Butterfly Exhibit, I think this place was pretty cool, and we got in for free because someone paid for us, so that was a nice little surprise!
  • French Market.
  • Take a ferry ride, we usually went from Algiers Point (Historic little area and rode the ferry over so we didn’t have to worry about parking in the city, it can be awful trying to find parking.) (Make sure to have exact change, if not they have a change station)
  • Make sure to eat beignet while you are there, they are basically like funnel cakes but square!
  • Make sure to go to a parade, they have them outside the time frame of Mardi Gras.
  • Go to Jackson square, it’s where palm readers, magicians, and people play music go, etc.
  • Check out City Park, it has a bit of everything!
  • The National WW II Museum.

Here are some things to do outside of New Orleans:

  • Eat at Spud Spot, it has every type of topping on a potato you can think of.
  • Jungle Gardens, this place is pretty neat because you can walk around, drive or both and alligators roam free!!
  • Northlake Nature Center, exactly what it says it is a nature center, my husband and I love to hike.
  • Go over Lake Pontchartrain Causeway bridge.
  • Fontainebleau State Park, it has trails, a beach area, camping areas, and it has ruins of an old sugar mill!
  • And you cannot forget to get a king cake, go to Antoine’s to get it!
  • Make sure to check out the area of Gretna as well, they film a lot of movies there.
  • Algiers Point, second oldest neighborhood in LA, check out the neighborhood, and they have some cute restaurants-Dry Dock Café (my experience was not that great, but their fries were awesome), Vine and Dine, and they also have a couple of bars around. This was also one of my favorite places to go in LA.
  • Check out the cemeteries!

    New Orleans 7
    Look at how they are not underground. It’s actually a “thing” to get photoshoots at cemeteries. Kinda creepy if you ask me! 

Facts about LA:

  • It is not where the first Mardi Gras was held, Mobile, AL was.
  • N.O. is the birthplace of jazz.
  • They do not have county’s, they have parishes.
  • Lake Pontchartrain Causeway is the longest bridge OVER WATER in the world, 23.87 miles.


Marionette Street performers video
What to do in New Orleans
Fontainbleau State Park video
Jungle Gardens video




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16 thoughts on “The Top Things To Do In New Orleans

  1. I love New Orleans. I spent a few days there a long time ago. but i didn’t do any of the things you mentioned, so I better go again! This is what I did:

    – caught a ferry across the Missisipi and back again
    -went a to church service with a huge gospel choir
    – went on a boat trip through the bayou, where we trailed chicken pieces and threw out marshmallows to attract crocodiles and saw crocodiles that had been skinned
    – on the same trip went for lunch in the cottage of someone who lived on the bayou and made us authentic gumbo? can’t remember if it was that or something else.
    – went out for dinner at a restaurant to have another classic N.O. meal – that may have been gumbo and we had jambalaya on the bayou – that would make sense
    – listened to a band doing a kind of country music, fiddling and washboard, can’t remember what it’s called
    – went to a jazz club one night and listened to the daughter of one of the Neville Brothers, who was incredible
    – went for a ride on a donkey cart through the French quarter.

    I had a great time and would happily go back again. OH and I had a prawn po’boy, which was delicious! I wanted to go to a cemetary but no one would take me. And I rode on a tram. I can recommend it to anyone. Thanks for bringing back some great memories.

    • Hi! I had my comments set to where they have to be approved! It sounds like you got to do a lot of stuff I didn’t do either! I would have loved to take a boat trip through the bayou and see alligators, also hold a baby alligator, and yes I wanted to have a local make me some of their traditional food! I think you can think of something new to do there every time you go or leave when it’s too late. You should definitely take a ghost tour and try to go to a cemetery! Maybe someone will do it with you next time!

  2. I just recently visited New Orleans and I knew I was missing most of the city when I left, but I’m glad I’ll have this list on my next trip! I was happy to skip most of the Bourbon Streen craziness, but next time I’ll make sure to check out Algiers Point, and Hansen’s Sno-Bliz. As my trip was winding up I knew not doing a Ghost Tour or a Ferry Ride was a mistake so those are on the list too!

    • Yessss! If you like laid back stuff I highly suggest going to Algiers Point. I loved walking around the area and looking at the houses. Plus try out their restaurants. They also have bars, but I never went into any of those! If you do go down Bourbon Street walk past allll the crazy stuff, where people live and it becomes quiet. My husband and I walked down a good bit and we saw a man walking his two goats. (Which I forgot to mention in my blog post, I think I will have to go back and edit it!!) But be careful of where you walk, one street could be good and then you turn down another and it’s a street you don’t want to be down!!!

  3. I’m absolutely dying to visit New Orleans! I definitely need to go to the aquarium, zoo, and Nature Institute and Butterfly Exhibit. I also need to visit Marie Lava’s grave. She fascinates me! Also, that law is hilarious! Why would anyone ban surprise pizza?

    • I hope you get to go one day! It is definitely different, at least to me it is. I have no idea who would ban surprise pizza, m y guess is no one ever surprised them with one and they got some hurt feelings over it.. ahah.

  4. I love New Orleans, and you have a lot of new ideas I need to try! We enjoyed the boat tour feeding the alligators and all the old mansions. Fun times.

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