The Top Things To Do In Savannah, Georgia

The Top Things To Do In Savannah, Georgia

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Thursday, September 8-

Saturday, September 10, 2016

All The Things You Can Do In Savannah

1. Tybee Island -Battery Brumy -North Beach bar and Grill

2. Downtown-Art Emporium-Open container (If you like to drink)

3. Botanical Gardens

4. Wormsloe(Historical site)

5. Bonaventure Cemetery

6. Chippewa Square- Savannah Visitor center/museum (Where the bench scene from Forrest Gump was filmed. The bench is in the museum) 

7. John St. Cathedral

8. Cotton and Rye (Restaurant) 

Read on to find out more about these places! 

Finally John (husband) and I get to take a vacation. We were not too far off from GA, only about 5 and half hours. So we made our way down(or over) to Savannah, Georgia. There are a lot of things to do in the city and outside of the city.  We left on Thursday 8am and arrived around 4pm.

The first thing we did when we arrived to the area was check in to the Baymont Inn Savannah South. Then after that we headed to the beach, Tybee Island to be exact. This is a pretty cool place! There is a lighthouse you can go up in, but we made it too late to visit inside.  


There is also Battery Brumy there, which is really neat part of history.


Battery Brumby is a historical landmark. It was the first of  batteries to be in service during the Spanish-American war. There is also a red door connected to Brumby we thought it was a restaurant. img_3808So we went inside, made it to the elevators and turned around before we went down. Apparently it is for some type of Shrine Members only.  We did have to pay for parking when we arrived, but after 8pm it’s free. We walked a little ways on the beach and then headed back to one of the restaurants that we saw.




We were on Tybee Island for about an hour and a half. It was still light out when we left, so we decided to head back to the city! So Savannah is pretty much  like a New Orleans to me, except wayyy better. It’s not nasty and I feel safe. Haaha. You can also drink on the streets like New Orleans, which is cool if you are into that sort of thing. My favorite thing to stumble across as we were walking was a store called Art Emporium. This store is amazing! I love it!


This store has a bunch of different crafts made by local artisans. I actually bought a necklace that I am in love with! img_3986 There was soo much I wanted to buy from here. I suggest going into this store if you walk down Riverside! We ended our night walking up and down the street. Headed back to the hotel and then decided we wanted to go to Ihop for some pancakes. Because you know we are adults and we can do whatever we want!

The next day Friday our day was filled up! We did quite a bit. We visited the Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens. It was nice and big, but I will admit we are a little biased towards our Birmingham Botanical Gardens. I am not sure it was worth the $5 to me.





Next we headed to Wormsloe. Wormsloe is a historical site. (Georgia in general has a lot of history if you are a history buff.) The entrance is lined with Oak trees planted more than a mile long.


It is a beautiful scene!  There is an admission fee, but there are a lot of neat things to look at here! There are ruins and several little areas where they have built huts/cabins to show you how the colonist lived. The plantation is occupied though, so you won’t get to see that.  Also, after the long oak driveway, there is a museum where you can watch a short history film on Wormsloe. But my favorite thing in the museum was an area where you could dress up!


After Wormsloe, we went to Bonaventure Cemetery. There are a lot of old tombstones here. This is a cemetery worth visiting. There are graves all the way back to the Spanish American War of 1898. We were only probably here for an hour as I was getting too hot.


After, the cemetery we headed downtown to Chippewa Square! This spot is where the box of chocolate scene was filmed in “Forrest Gump”.


It doesn’t look like much, but this is what it looks like now. The bench is in the Savannah Visitor Center/Museum. You do have to pay, to see it, but we did not go into the museum part. 


However here is a sneak peak of the bench! Shhh

 We pretty much walked around for a little bit more and you always come up on fountains and statues which are pretty. We walked down Jones Street. I think it is supposed to be the most beautiful street in Savannah, but I wasn’t impressed. It wasn’t worth the walk in the heat. Some of the buildings are old and they are beautiful especially with the trees, but not worth it to me.

We made our way to John St. Cathedral, now this place was beautiful. I do suggest going inside. They do like a donation of $2.


After this we headed back to our car because we were tired and extremely hot.

Almost had a little incident while we were getting ready for dinner. The hair dryer didn’t work in our hotel room and I decided this one time I wasn’t going to bring my hairdryer to save room. Well wouldn’t you know ours didn’t work! John went down to the desk to tell them and then we had to wait for them to bring us one up. While I waited, I had the bright idea to use the heater. savannah

Haha. It was quite funny actually and luckily I only had to do it for about 5-10 minutes. Saved by the worker who brought up the hair dryer and to you I say thank you!

We ended our night with a “fancy” dinner at Cotton and Rye. $70 meal but I would say it was worth it. I had a hamburger and fries. Let me tell you you get a lot of fries! John had the Hanger Steak. The red wine sauce that came with the steak was amazing! If I could do it again I would go with the steak!




Everything is American food here, but the choices are still a little weird. This menu can give you an idea of what their food is like, if you do decide to go! This pretty much ended our night as our reservation was for 8:45pm.(You have to have a reservation for this place) So we had a late dinner. Didn’t get out of there till almost 10pm. We went back to our hotel and then Saturday we were headed back home!

This was a nice little vacation! There is so much to do in Savannah, but we just didn’t have the time to do it all. There is a little bit of everything for everyone there!


-Come in the fall if you don’t want to burn up!

-For the ladies bring a hair dryer.

-Make sure you know if you have to have a reservation for where you want to eat.

-We forgot our toothpaste! Do not worry, normally your hotel has these sort of things for you! Just ask! We asked and they delivered! Free toothpaste!

-At some points I got really overwhelmed with taking pictures and writing things down for my blog. Don’t forget to RELAX while you are on vacation. Just take less pictures!

If you have any questions about my trip ask away! If you have any suggestions, feel free tell me of some things I missed while visiting Savannah.

Where did you go on vacation this year???

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31 thoughts on “The Top Things To Do In Savannah, Georgia

  1. What a fun trip! Savannah is actually on my list of places to go. I love that sneaky picture you got of the bench. Early this year, I went back home to California, and over the summer, I went to Chattanooga and Nashville.

  2. Looks like a lovely vacay! I just took a short trip last week, but only to about an hour or so away from where I live. But I was there as part of a press trip and had such a fabulous time. I felt like I was far away from all my regular responsibilities! 🙂

  3. Looks like a fun trip!! I’d love to visit that local crafts store, those always have interesting finds. And how cool that you got to dress up at the museum? I’ve never been to a museum like that, thought I’ve read about some.

    • Yes! I absolutely loved the local store! It had all kinds of arts-crafts! I wanted to buy it all! I loved dressing up at the museum, it was probably one of my favorite things to do. Sadly, I couldn’t get John to dress up with me. Those kinds of things embarrass him. Haha.

    • It it is pretty neat, and it probably is more like a big town. Maybe that is why I felt some comfortable there. The driving was a little confusing at times for my husband, but not nearly as bad as New Orleans. It’s very hard to find parking there. Thanks for commenting!

  4. I’m glad I read this! We will likely go back to Savannah sometime this year, and now I have a bunch of new adventures to try. There is also a wildlife preserve that we didn’t have time to check out. I think it is off of Hwy 16 (not sure how you venture in from Alabama).

    Also, I <3 Birmingham!! I used to live in Chattanooga, and we would take day trips to um, go to the dog track (I know it is terrible, and I feel horrible for how the little puppies are treated). We also went to the art museum, and that was amazing!

    • Oh how awesome you have been to Alabama. I didn’t even really know about the dog track.

      I didn’t know about the wildlife preserve. That is something my husband and I would have loved to do. I will definitely tell him about that. I am glad you enjoyed the article.

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