Peach Park

Peach Park

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Thursday, September 22, 2016


Peach Park

My husband (John) and I headed down 65 South, we were unsure of where we were going. We just decided we needed to explore south of Alabaster. So we remembered we were only 30 minutes away from Peach Park.

Okay, Peach Park  is this cute little tourist stop, now I am not sure if it started as one, but I always stopped here with my family coming back from the beach when I was younger. So I feel like it is sort of a tradition. You must stop here if you are coming through Alabama. Now, back to what Peach Park is, it is a restaurant, it has a gift shop, and little farmers market in side of it! If you go, make sure to get some peach ice cream! 


As many times as I have been to Peach Park I really never have gotten to explore. We looked around the market and then the gift shop. We headed in the restaurant to get some ice cream and a drink. Then decided to explore outside. They have little tiny trails, they are more like walking paths. They are pretty cute.

Next, we noticed up above Peach Park, kind of on the hill, a lighthouse and barn! It turns out it was the Peach Park Rv Campground! It was so cute. It was a tiny little lot where you could rent a space(rv/camper) to stay. There was a barn and lighthouse fountain as I already mentioned and building that may have been a venue or some type of house/cabin you could stay in. The barn was actually like a playhouse, it was a part of the playground.


I love lighthouses! Especially lighthouse fountains.

As we walked around the venue I saw a cute outhouse. Turns out it was a fake, but still pretty cute!



This pretty much concluded our road trip. It was a nice little getaway like always! Tell me about a time you drove somewhere unexpected down in the comments! Have any questions, just ask away!

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12 thoughts on “Peach Park

  1. cool never heard of this area, we just took a day trip to Monroeville which is about 1 hour north of Mobile to see the town that created Harper Lee and Truman Capote and the entire To Kill a MockingBird thing. I bring that up because Alabama has so many cool little towns that have hidden treasures like Peach Park. Next trip I am going to stop by there and then go to one of the towns that still has a Drive in Movie Theater because that is on my bucket list too!

    • Peach Park is right off of 65, It’s a small little area, but it is a nice little stop. It definitely beats stopping at the fast food restaurants. That is neat. There are a lot of little places that have “history” in AL. I am not sure what area is closer to you, but there is a drive-in, in Leeds. It’s called Coyote Drive- In. It’s connected to a strip mall, the theatre also has mini golf, and an area for your dogs! I LOVE going to drive in’s, I definitely prefer them over regular movies. I hope you check a drive-in off your bucket list soon!

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