Holi Festival

Alabama Holi Festival

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Festival of Colors

Holi Festival Schedule

You heard it right, there is a Holi Festival right here in Good Old Alabama. I decided to do a blog post on Alabama festivals happening this 2017 year, while doing this I came across this awesome festival. Holi Fest is more known for a colorful festival that happens in India. Some of us can’t quite make it there just yet. Oh, but we can come close. I will say I am sure this is NOTHING compared to actually going to India, but if you let yourself submerge in this event I am sure you can get the idea.

My husband and I pretty much got there when it started at 11am. This Festival is an event that the the Indian Cultural Society and the Birmingham Art Museum puts on. No backpacks or water bottles allowed in the museum. You do not have to pay, but the art museum and festival for henna do accept donations.

The first thing we did when we got there was get a Henna tattoo, okay, just me not my husband John. I had to wait in line for a little bit. We had gotten there kind of early so it wasn’t quite crowded just yet. Also, make sure you keep you henna tattoo on for a few hours before wiping off or else it will have that tan/orange look instead of being dark). I made the mistake of taking it off maybe 30-45 minutes after. I also just peeled it off. I had two women in the bathroom tell me, that it needed to stay on for quite a few hours. Then the second one also told me that it needed to be wiped off with baby oil. The lady that did it told me to wait 10-15 minutes and then wait about two hours to actually wash it. Maybe she misunderstood or maybe I did. **I have also decided I am so getting a tattoo like this on my hand!! 

henna tattoo

Henna tattoo

Orange Henna Tattoo

Henna tattoo

My henna tattoo got darker on day two!!! Not sure if it settled in or because I washed it or put lotion on it! Either way I am happy! 

After, we headed off to watch some dancing. The little kids were so cute! I loved hearing the Indian music and  watching the dancing. 

We then headed to the cafe for some traditional food. I am  going to be honest I can’t tell you what any of it was. I do know that I loved the dipping sauces though. (The white square was a desert, and it was sort of like cotton candy and tasted like fruit loops)

India Food

After the food tasting, John and I headed back to the art section where I made a flower, John did as well, but I lost his flower during the color throw. We had some time to kill, so we headed to where the dancing was being held, there was no room. At this time we decided to walk around the museum and just look at some of the art until it was time for the color throw. We had about an hour and a half to kill. 

India festival flower

Finally, the color throw had arrived. We asked for directions and made it outside. It was also a little cold and rainy. Once you got outside it was a little disorganized. People didn’t really know whether they were supposed to go ahead and get their color packets. The poor guy tried to get everyone’s attention, but some people started early. I loved seeing all the colors flying around. Yes, you are going to get powder everywhere; mouth, eyes, clothes, (They do offer ponchos, but I  prefer to get it all over my clothes.) It’s just more fun that way. 

One sad thing I do have to mention is there are homeless people living under the bridges behind us, look to the right. I had a moment of sadness thinking about how we were all out here laughing & having fun and they were under there cold. 

John and I parked in the public parking which is right next to the art museum. You pay a dollar for every hour. This is one festival you do not want to miss! It was so much fun!

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Alabama Holi Festival
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10 thoughts on “Alabama Holi Festival

  1. I know they do this Holi Festival in a town just south of where I live, but I don’t know much about it. Yours has so much more than the color throw! Now I’m wondering if my local one has so many other cultural activities as well, because I’d love to attend that! My town is a college town, so, I only hear about the crazy colors everyone got on themselves every year, which doesn’t make me want to go so much. But food, henna, lotus flowers out of paper and traditional dances totally calls out to me!

    Also, your hair looks amazing *u*

    • I love the messy part about it! As you can see in the pictures John was wearing a poncho! I think it being a college town surely they other events going on besides the color throw. This was hosted at our art museum and it was put on by the Indian Culture Society.

  2. Always so much fun to find local festivals, especially one that’s based on a famous international festival. Looks like a really great time, thanks so much for your pictures to help show the amazingness of the experience

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