Places you need to Hike in Alabama

Places you need to Hike in Alabama

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Alabama Hikes to See Waterfalls and Nature 

Last updated: 04-01-2018

1. Natural Bridge

Natural Bridge in Alabama
Natural Bridge is the longest rock arch east of the Rockies. The hike is maybe a little over a mile, but it doesn’t take that long to get to the bridge.

2. Perry Lakes Park

Perry Lake Park in Alabama

Located in Marion. This place has a few bridges, the coolest bathrooms you will ever see, a beach, and a bird tower! 

3. Cahaba River National Wildlife Refuge

Cahaba River in Alabama

Photo credit | My husband John | Fizzle Photography

Almost 200 miles, alabama’s longest free flowing river. It is known to have certain species only known to that area. It is a great place to go hiking, tubing and fishing. This picture is when the water is high. Check out my visit to CR here.


4. Falling Rock Falls

1.5 mile hike to a beautiful waterfall. Awesome creek to play in as well.

5. Moss Rock– 349 acre preserve, waterfall and boulders to climb.

6. Noccalula Falls

noccalula falls in alabama

Beautiful waterfall, campground, petting zoo, train ride, and there is more. NF does cost money to get in, but it is definitely worth it.

7. Oak Mountain State Park

Peavine Falls at Oak Mountain
Peavine Falls

 Oak Mountain State Park has over miles to hike, bike, and camp, there is also a beach area, and along with other activities you can do here. You do have to pay to get into this park.

8. Red Mountain ParkOver 15 miles of trails, includes look outs and the remains of an old coal mining community, there is also a dog park, and you can zip line!

9. Ruffner Mountain

1,038-acre preserve, over 14 miles of trails to hike

10. Little River Canyon National Preserve-Little River Canyon National Preserve is located at the top of Lookout Mountain near Fort Payne. Popular recreational activities that are enjoyed by adventure seekers include fishing, swimming, hunting and camping.

11. Bon Secour National Wildlife RefugeEstablished in 1980, Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge is the perfect adventure spot for animal lovers. Visitors of this wildlife refuge will have the opportunity to see migratory birds, sea turtles and the endangered Alabama beach mouse while walking one of the refuge’s five trails.

12. Sipsey Wilderness in William B Bankhead National Forrest

Hiking in the Sipsey Wilderness

“The Bankhead National Forest offers over 90 miles of recreational trails.” This particular picture is to “The Big Tree”. This tree is the biggest tree in AL. When my blog post goes out Friday I will add a link to it here.

13. Turkey Creek Nature Preserve

Turkey Creek Nature Preserve

Located in Pinson, is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the Southeast. The most popular area of this preserve is Turkey Creek Falls (pictured). For those feeling adventurous, Turkey Creek Nature Preserve offers a five-mile national recreational trail system, wonderful swimming areas and fantastic fishing spots

14. Cathedral Caverns State Park-When Alabama cavers are feeling adventurous, they can often be found exploring Cathedral Caverns, which is located in Marshall County. This cave was originally referred to as “Bats Cave.”

15.  Desoto State Park– is located on Lookout Mountain, approximately eight miles northeast of Fort Payne. This wonderful state park features 25 miles of hiking trails, 11 miles of mountain biking trails and several campsites for those feeling adventurous and wanting to get away from it all. 

16. Cheaha State Park– located in Clay and Cleburne counties, is home to Mt. Cheaha- Alabama’s highest point. For those who enjoy hiking, this is the perfect place to visit any time of the year. 

17. Ebenezer Swamp

Ebenezer Swamp

Ebenezer Swamp is a preserve and wetlands. It’s not really a heavy hike but rather a walk on a board walk.

17. Limestone Park

Limestone Park a nature preserve

Limestone Park is a preserve and wetlands. It’s not really a heavy hike but rather a walk.

18. Guntersville State Park

A day at Guntersvlle state park

Guntersville has over 36 miles to hike, places to camp, fish, Eagle sightings, and lots more. This is definitely a place you want to visit. Fun Fact: Guntervilles Lake is Alabama’s biggest lake.

17. Walls of Jericho

Walls of JerichoLocated in Estillfork. Over 1,000’s of acres. Places to camp, hike, trail to ride your horses, and few waterfalls.

18. Welti Falls

Welti Falls

I will continuously update this post for the latest places to hike!

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Hikes in Alabama
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17 thoughts on “Places you need to Hike in Alabama

  1. You guys are exactly the same as us – we love to travel to new places, and hike through most of them too! I’m saving this post for when we go to Alabama.

    • Yes! I love visiting nature more than anything in a new place! I am glad this post is helpful to you. I will keep on adding some more places to hike as well. There are a lot of places on here my husband and I haven’t even hiked yet.

  2. i driven through some of alabama but haven’t spent much time there….thanks for giving me a reason to hop out of the car. these hikes sound awesome!

  3. I always love reading post about new places;-) Your photos have perfectly captured the beauty of this area ! I’m a truly nature lover and your photos of beautiful falls, pools, rivers and forests are stunning. When we get closer to nature—be it untouched wilderness or a backyard tree—we do our overstressed brains a favor. I love this feeling 🙂

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