Travel Horror Stories

Travel Horror Stories

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Travel Horror Stories: Part 3

You have all heard of the horrors that could happen while traveling. I asked around for some stories, here are real stories that actually happened to people. I hope you enjoy!

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1. Striking Honeymoon

On this recent journey, on our drive through South Dakota, we had another intense road warrior moment.  We were leaving from Minnesota and were trying to avoid an impending storm.

So, even though it was late and the sky had already blackened from the thick clouds, we headed west.


I was tracking the storm on the radar the whole way.  We were driving parallel to it, but it was gradually inching closer.

As I saw the dark red spot move in our direction, we could feel the wind pick up.  The car was shaking and there was no light in sight.

Our only guide through the night road was the electrifying lightening strikes that were dancing on the other side of the highway.  A strong, sudden gust swiftly brushed against our SUV and we heard a sound.

It wasn’t until later that we realized that one of our rain guards flew off!  We have been through hurricanes, tornados, and blizzards and it had never done that!

As we made it closer to our rest area for the night, we exhaled deeply as we were grateful and relieved to finally feel safe again.  

  You can find them on their website and social medias: Teach A Man To Think | Instagram

2. Leave No Passport Behind

I was traveling from Spain to England in a great road trip through small towns and the beautiful French countryside. The night before we made it to Calais, where we were planning on taking the ferry to England, I realized that I forgot my passport in Spain. At midnight, when everyone else was already sleeping. I was freaking out, taking everything out of my luggage and putting it back in as quietly as possible, while also feeling extremely frustrated and wanting to cry my eyes out. Take in count I was very tired from a whole day traveling as well. We were going to head straight to Calais the next morning, how was I going to tell everyone I didn’t have my passport? I had no idea what my situation would be. We had to be in Bristol, England, in a few days, so, we were not going to head back to Spain. I would have to return by myself. But how was I going to get a ticket back without my passport? Would they ask for one if I got a train pass? Or a bus pass? I imagined traveling all the way back by myself, and missing out on the whole English part of the trip.

I ended up waking my mother up at 1 AM bawling my eyes out. The good thing is that mothers will always be magical, or maybe just logical, even if you’re 27. She suggested that we have it delivered through private shipping, and convinced me to go to bed. The next day, we booked a room in Calais, had a friend help us send the passport shipped, and we were assured it would arrive the next day. In the end, my little issue caused us to “lose” one day of the trip (which was supposed to be our London day), but we sure did not waste it, since we visited the gorgeous town of Pierrefonds and stayed in a quirky and super fun hotel close of Calais. And I’m sure I will never forget my passport somewhere! 

 You can find Sara on her website: Daily Love Juice

3. My Colombian-Travel Nightmare

I was flying to Brazil via Bogotá, Colombia. Suddenly, the airline makes an announcement and says that the flight will be delayed for an hour. I approached the airline’s counter and was told that I would make it in time to my connecting flight and that the moment we landed, a representative would be expecting me and would take me to my terminal.

We landed at Bogotá’s International Airport, and once the aircraft stopped, we waited  37 minutes for a bus to pick us up. I hopped on the bus (no airline representatives waiting for anyone) and once I arrived at a terminal, I began to run like I was at a marathon and was coming in for the gold medal. I approached a sign that said “connecting flights”, and an airline representative tells me “you’re are not going to make it to your flight“.  I was like “ma’am, I have 35 minutes left. Of course I can“. She notified me that I was not going to be admitted into the flight, that the airline would take care of accommodation and transportation. Then, I went to pick up my luggage, only to be told that they couldn’t give me my luggage because I was taking tomorrow’s flight to Sao Paulo. They said I could find personal hygiene stuff at the hotel.

On my way to the so-called accommodation, I noticed we passed all the nice and trustworthy hotels and were entering a sketchy-looking zone. We arrived at the hotel and the lobby doors were locked. Six minutes later, the doors opened and the registration odyssey began. After 30 minutes, I was finally able to check-in and went to my room. The personal hygiene items were nowhere to be found.

I needed to call the car rental in Sao Paulo that I wasn’t going to make it, but no international calls or wifi was available. Hooray! (in the most sarcastic tone possible). I wanted to sleep and approached the bed. I noticed debris and hairs everywhere! As I pulled the duvet, I uncovered more hairs! I started to count them. Once I hit 75, I stopped counting.  I called the front desk and they said that there was nothing they could do -no maintenance was available. I manually removed all hairs and then thoroughly washed my hands. Hey, at least I had soap. I got into bed, and then a loud banging started *insert metal chairs clashing into each other here*. This noise went on till 5:30 AM (I went to bed at midnight). I got 30 minutes of sleep since I had to be up at 6:00 AM for my ride back to the airport.

When I got to the airport, I tried to file a complaint, but it was almost impossible.  After addressing me in a rude manner, they gave me an “official” piece of paper where I had to write everything, by hand, and then turn it in. No email, no nothing. A true nightmare.

You can find Andrea on her website: Moon Light Sweetness 

4. Panicked Bride

I decided to fly to England to attend a good friend’s wedding. My husband wasn’t able to go with me, so I was only going for a long weekend. When I landed in Charlotte I had to sprint across the airport to make my international connection, and when I got there waited in line for over an hour for a “secondary” passport check, where we learned that there was a problem with the plane and they had to send a new one. Unfortunately the plane they sent to replace it wasn’t as big as the original so the flight was now over-sold. I ended up re-routed through Germany, and apparently brides don’t appreciate messages from their guests saying “Well, I’m on the right continent but in the wrong country!” Since I made it to London 6 hours later than expected, the frantic bride advised me to take a bus out to her village rather than the train, believing it to be faster. It would have been very simple except that the motorway was completely shut down for hours because of a massive pile-up. My phone died because of the delay (and not having an appropriate plug adapter for Germany since I wasn’t supposed to be there!) so I had no way of getting any messages to or from the frantic bride! Eventually I got on the bus and ended up in the right village, hoping and praying there would be someone to pick me up! Thankfully the bride and groom were waiting for me and it did have a happy ending, but it was quite an adventure getting there!


5. Coaches and roaches in Paradise

My partner and I were in the middle of of our 2 week trip to the Hawaiian Islands. Our plan was to visit all the major islands during our trip and do some solo adventuring since we were strapped for time. We were going to do this by renting cars on each island. Getting around in Hawaii is very difficult to do without having a vehicle and if you are strapped for time and trying to do a lot it is an absolute must!

As you might have heard Hawaii is a pricey destination to vacation to. We wanted to try and make this trip as economical as possible. Car rentals was something that was turning out to be quite pricey if we did it the traditional way through rental companies. I decided to try giving priceline bidding a shot and got cars on each island for a much more reasonable price! I did this same process on every island except 1, and that was Kauai. For that island I decided to try and do a car rental through someone I found on craigslist. This is where the real story begins….

The instructions for the rental pick up was calling the contact person upon arrival. I called this number, and was told to watch out for a green Mazda van. My boyfriend and I picked up our luggage and waited for said van, shortly after we see this very dusty, somewhat unkept and run down looking van pick us up. A lady was driving us and welcomed us to the island. She told us we are being driven over to the ‘office’ to do the paperwork for the rental.

We end up in this residential area with lots of clutter, dust and it would basically be an OCD person’s nightmare to be inside the office. In there she made photocopies of my boyfriend’s id and credit card, since he was going to be the one driving. Next we were told we can take the van we came in. I was confused, I told her I was promised a different vehicle. She responds with telling me that is currently isn’t functional and the van is the only thing they have available. Being stranded in some residential area with our luggage, we didn’t have much choice but to take this dilapidated van.

So we are off! In this van, which also has no gas… and we have to go fill up. We are on the way to the gas station, as we are driving, I notice roaches scurrying around the van. After my boyfriend comes back, I tell him what I saw, he wasn’t as panicked as I was feeling. The only thing I could think about was how we will end up having these roaches enter our bags and then we will bring them into the bed and breakfast we were staying at. I was starting to feel mortified! The worst case scenario is we bring this roaches all the way home with us in our luggage.

Once we got to our lovely bed and breakfast I already notice these roaches coming out of our luggage and into our beautiful room! I couldn’t spend the rest of our time on my favorite Hawaiian island being grossed out and worried about roaches. So I called up the rental contract and told him that our vehicle was full of roaches. His response…. Oh…. the previous person must have brought those in. I asked if we can return the car because we didn’t feel very comfortable driving around a van filled with these little critters… He said we can drive back the vehicle and get a refund. I asked if we could also be given a lift back to the airport because we would be stranded otherwise and he agreed.

As he hung up I realized we spent over $50 on a vehicle we wouldn’t even be using! I called him back saying oh by the way we filled up the car, could we be compensated, the answer? “That isn’t really our problem’’ I tried negotiating saying look, this car was totally empty before, now it is full we should be refunded for it. And I was getting absolutely nowhere. We have a van full of roaches which are already inside our luggage and got jipped for $50 all within a few hours of landing on my favorite island. This really wasn’t how I was picturing our first time on my favorite Hawaiian island to go…

We arrived and get the refund, and then when we ask for the ride back… the lady at the office denies us saying oh she is now too busy to give us a lift back. My boyfriend and I are standing around in the middle of an unknown residential area with all our bags stranded…. I couldn’t take it anymore and broke down, I tried to look for an uber and nothing was available in the area. I tried calling a cab company, all of them stated we had to wait for at least 25 minutes. Waiting on a street for 25 minutes after what we went through felt like torture. I guess the lady noticed I was having a mini meltdown and walked down the road and offered to give us a lift to the airport…. She tried to make small talk on the ride there but I was in too much of a foul mood to entertain that idea. We reached the airport, she then had the nerve to ask me not to given them a ‘bad review’ Moral of the story…. DO NOT rent cars from craigslist in Hawaii unless you want to bring home roaches and get ripped off…

 You can find Jen on her website and social medias: Carbon Zero Travel | Facebook Group

Stay tuned for Part 4 Travel Horror Stories! If you have a travel horror story please contact me! I would love to have your story in one of my articles! 

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Travel Horror Stories
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