Shampoo sheets

Travel Hack: Shampoo Sheets

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Using Water Soluble Paper to Make Shampoo Sheets

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Have you guys watched videos of people making shampoo sheets for traveling or camping? This is something I wanted to test out as an alternative to carrying liquids with me on trips. Carrying liquids through airports are a hassle, they can also leak causing bigger problems. Here are some pictures and videos with me going through the steps. You can decide for yourself if this is something you want to do.

Shampoo sheets

  1. First buy you some of the biodegradable paper. ( I bought my off of amazon, I will add link down below blog post)
  2. Then use your liquid of choice to cover the paper.
  3. Let dry overnight.
  4. Cut up and fit into container.

Water Soluble paper

It looks like regular paper, but feels different.

In these videos you are going to see how it worked out for me.

 This video is showing using regular printer paper. 

This is the second video that shows me actually using the soluble paper in the kitchen sink. 

Water Soluble paper

Left piece is shampoo and right piece is conditioner. This is what happens if you put it on too thick, it starts to tear. 

Water Soluble paper

Size of paper I have used in the shower and in the kitchen sink.

For a shorter version read on. I tested the shampoo/conditioner sheets in the shower. They did not work for me. However, in the video you will see that I tested them out in the kitchen sink, (Pay no mind to the dirty dishes also the wet hair, I literally just got out of the shower.) making suds in the sink actually worked better. Which is why I am going to give them one more go.

The next day I tried several sheets at once, you basically have to sud them up first or else you are going to end up with wads of paper in your hair. 

Personally I would stick to the shampoo/conditioner bars as far as your hair goes. I do think they would be good for hand soaps and maybe dish detergent.  If you haven’t found the right ones for you, you can always attempt to make your own bars.


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Travel Hack
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4 thoughts on “Travel Hack: Shampoo Sheets

  1. I haven’t tried this myself, but I remember reading something about a soap that works well for this. I did a mock project for school a while ago using Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Liquid Soap. It’s this “magic” soap that you can use for everything from dishes to body and hair and more! And I remember reading that people would use this soap for soap sheets a lot when traveling, because you can use the sheet for any washing. Haven’t tried it myself, but thought I’d mention it in case you are interested!

    • I have not tried any shampoo/conditioner bars. I was going to try or “Lush”, but I’ve decided I will search for locals who make them on Etsy before I buy from a bigger company. As soon as o test some out, I will make another post.

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