Responses people say to you when they found out you pen pal.

You Pen Pal????

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When People Find Out You Pen Pal


Has it ever came up in conversation that you write people or that you use an ancient form of communication? Here are some examples of when people (non writers) find out you use pen and paper to communicate.


  1. ”When they first find out you pen pal and go on about how they didn’t know that about you.”As if you live some secret life.
  2. ”When their first thought is that you are writing inmates.”
  3. ”When they tell you Facebook is cheaper.”
  4. ”When they question your sanity writing to strangers and if it’s even fun.”
  5. ”When they question your priorities.” How can you make the time when there are so many other things going on? It’s not like it’s hobby or anything. How do you find the freaking time to sit there and stare at the tv SALLY!
  6. ”When they bring up the idea of having more friends.” As if you are not allowed to have more friends…
  7. ”That’s still a thing?” Like maybe we should just go back to carving symbols into stones, I mean why not? Let’s really freak them out!
  8. ”When they change the subject all together”
  9. ”When they think it is only for children.”
  10. ”When they think the person you are writing is going to come stalk you at your house”

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16 thoughts on “You Pen Pal????

  1. Nice post! When I was younger, having a pen pal was such a cool thing to me because I was able to communicate with someone in another country.

  2. I didn’t even realize pen-palling was still a thing, but I can see how it could be so fulfilling! I love writing and communication and connecting with different cultures- I’m going to have to do some research!

  3. I have had pen pals as a kid but I was bad about writing them. These days it is so much more meaningful to get a letter versus email or facebook message. I think it’s impressive when people have the discipline to keep a pen pal relationship going for long. #TheWeeklyPostcard

  4. I had a penpal in high school and then did an exchange program for a summer and got to stay with the family, so that was exciting! Sadly, I’m not in contact with them anymore as my experience was pretty terrible and I had to switch houses, but that girl I’m still in contact with 13 years later! Thanks for linking up with #TheWeeklyPostcard!

  5. It’s an interesting idea that I wish would have been practiced when I grew up. It not only helps establish relationships between people who may actually never get to meet each other, but it’s a great way of bridging cultural gaps. #TheWeeklyPostcard

    • You can still do it! Writing is great for people who do not get out a lot or have a hard time making friends. Learning about other cultures is why I wanted to start writing in the first place!

  6. Hahaha, those are funny, especially 2 and 5! People actually think it’s interesting when it comes up. I think that since I’m a foreigner and have lived in other places, people see it more natural that I like to write letters, postcards, and send care packages. But I think I’d enjoy anyways, no matter where I would have grown up! I love actual letters, hand-writing, and decorating with cute stationary and stickers! hahah

    • I think it would depend on how culture aware the people are or if people are just open minded to different activities. In a conversation if someone starts talking about something that I don’t hear people normally do, I think it is pretty interesting. Haha For example, when people start talking about football. I turn my ears off. Haha.

  7. I have a penpal and I love it! Although, it does take a while to receive letters from each other so I always forget what I said in the last one, lol!

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