The best local restaurants to eat at in Alabama

The Best Local Places to Eat in Alabama

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  1. Local Eateries in Alabama

Local Restaurants You Must Try as You Travel Through Alabama

Updated: 11-12-2017

When most people think of food they think of the bigger cities, well these are not your bigger city restaurants.

Here are a few choices of local eateries if you are passing through Alabama. I may have wanted to write this article based off of a little anger towards corporations/franchises. Oh well, can you blame me? I hope that you enjoy these places when you come through. I hope that you are actually able to stop at them and try them. I have not put this in any kind of order as far as location goes. 

1. Campbells Field– If you are looking for some country food stop here. I hear it’s good. Location: Hayden

2. Tip Top Grill

Tip Top Grill in Alabama.

Hamburger, chicken fingers, etc. Oh just the best fries I have ever had in my life. I heard that it used to be an old gas station. It’s also right beside Lovers Leap, so you are kind of on a mountain. Location: Bluff Park

3. Jeans on the River– The best deli burgers, but they have country food as well. It’s a nice little sit down restaurant with water and ducks outside. Location: Cordova

4. Moores Landing– Seafood and steak but also has chicken. This is one of my all time favorite places to get a steak! I have even won a free meal from this place. Location: Jasper

5. PJ’s Restaurant– Different choices, BBQ, chicken, but my favorite is their steak! This place and Moores Landing are the only places I like to get steaks from. I really liked their salad buffet. It has been taken over by new owners so I am not sure if it’s exactly the same, but I bet their steak is! Location: Jasper

6. The Frosty Mug

The Frosty Mug in Alabama

This is where I ate a lot because it was closer to where I lived. Hamburger, chicken, salad, etc, but it’s their milkshakes that bring people in! Plus their kids cone is big! Cash only. Sitting is outside and beside the river. Location: Cordova, right on 78 Highway.

7. Mojos Pizza– Locally owned pizza place. I have only ever eaten here once, but everyone says to go here for pizza. I think I need to go back and have a go. Location: Cordova

8. Saws BBQ– I think the name says it all! I have heard nothing but good things about this BBQ. I haven’t eaten here yet, but it is definitely on my personal list of BBQ places to try. Location: Homewood

9. The Dora Cafe– Cute little cafe to eat at. I think I have tried just about all their food here. This is one place you want to eat at VS all the fast food chains surrounding it. Hamburgers, wings, BBQ, country food, you name it. Location: Dora

10. The Depot– My husband and I love this little place. It’s right beside the dam and at night they usually turn on the colorful lights to shine on the water. Inside and outside seating. It’s right in the middle of Old Town Helena, a cute little town. Hamburgers, chicken, hotdogs etc. Location: Helena

11. Bucks Creek Pizza & Wings– This is one of the only places I will eat pizza from. It is so good. The vegetarian pizza is REALLY good as well. My husband and I normally order it and pick it up though. Location: Alabaster

12. Victoria’s Restaurant & Bakery– I love this place so much. It’s connected/right beside a motel, but don’t let that fool you. The chicken fingers and mash potatoes are some of the best I have ever had. Their baked goods are beautiful and they also have a boutique. Locations: Jasper

13. Burger N Dog Shack-I have never eaten here yet, but it’s on my list. It’s only open certain hours during the summer. Here is the catch with this place it’s in the LAKE, Smith Lake. How cool is that! Put it on our list for the summer!! Location: Arley

14. The Grille at Trident Marina– I haven’t eaten here yet, but this place is right off of the lake. I am all about having a view of a lake or beach while eating. There is cuisine for everyone here. Location: Crane Hill

15. Chubbfathers– I have eaten here twice. The first time it was located in a new spot, but I can say the burgers and fries are spot on. Especially the fries, they are so crispy! A must local spot you need to try if you are in Alabaster!

Don’t worry this list is just getting started!

Before choosing a restaurant make sure to read the reviews, check the days and hours they are open, and what kind of payment they take.

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The best local restaurants to eat at in Alabama.
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  1. This made me really hungry. It sounds so good! I love local restaurant and dinners, and eating where the locals eat. The food is better than from fast food places, and many of these local places have a unique charm and quirkiness that I love. Now I need to go grab me some food 😉

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