Milking a Cow at Stillwater Farm

Milking a Cow at Stillwater Farm

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Milking a Cow and Checking it Off My Bucket List

Saturday, September 9, 2017


Yes, milking a cow has been on my bucket list for a while, like years. I finally made some connections and had someone (Hammer) help me hook up with some wonderful people who have a farm. So thank you Hammer!! (Make sure to wear clothes you do not mind getting dirty) This is my story:

I woke up around 6:30Am. We headed towards Pell City around 7am. This is extremely early for me and plus a Saturday( an off day for my husband). We had a little trouble finding the farm, but it wasn’t too bad. It’s not directly on the side of the road you have to go behind some stuff.  We finally got out and met Ben and his daughter Katie, his wife was at a farmers market (Bethany). 

STillwater Farm
On the way to milk the cow
Milking a cow at Stillwater Farm
Ben put most of that milk into this pail.

He got the pails ready and then was all she wrote, okay no. Milking a cow wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be. He coaxed the Daisy into the stall (not called a stall, but I can’t think of what it is called at the moment) Gave her some feed and proceeded to clean the teats. After that, the pails were put under and that’s where the magic happened. It’s not a super hard concept to grasp honestly, but to get as good as Ben and his wife, it most definitely takes practice. I will let the photos speak for themselves.


Milking a cow at Stillwater Farm


Milking a cow at Stillwater Farm
Milk pails

Watch me successfully milk a cow. P.S. All that milk you see in the pot is Ben’s work.

Milking a cow at Stillwater Farm
Daisy was a little shy
Milking a cow at Stillwater Farm
Daisy’s babies

I also got to milk goats, which are a little harder since the teats can be smaller. The goats were sweet. It was definitely a fun experience. I plan on going back to help them with chores for the day or most of the day at least. We even got some milk! Thank you Ben! Fresh milk, can you believe it?!! Cow milk from Stillwater Farm

There was also two calves, tons of chickens, and a sweet dog named Midnight, and a guard dog to watch the chickens. 

Stillwater Farm
Some chickens, but these are not the tons of chickens that were behind the gate.

A little bit about Ben and Bethany: They both used to be school teachers,  I believe they started out farming as a hobby before they turned it into a business, and they have been doing it for 7 years. So  I would say they are experienced. “A small farm dedicated to restoring body, mind and soul. Heirloom produce, free range/pasture raised eggs,chickens, beef,pork, grown using organic methods. Eggs, Pork, Beef, Chicken, Bread, Jam, Organically grown veggies, Goat Milk.”

**What I learned from what I can remember:

-Cows have four quarters, goats have two

-Goats can only eat so much grain because their bodies can’t really handle sugar, it literally will kill them if they have too much.

-Goat milk is good for babies, goat milk is as close as humans can get to breast milk.

-Goat production of milk slows down around 5 months, but I think as long as you continue to milk a cow or have babies feeding cows can continue to produce for a year and  half or so. (I hope this is correct, please let me know if it is not)

-You can get about a two and half gallons when milking a cow, takes about 20 minutes.

-For the goat it is an extremely smaller amount.

This was a super exciting experience for me. So what’s on your bucket list????? Let me know down in the comments. Let me know if you have ever milked a cow before and what it was like. 

Trying raw cow milk for the first time!

Milking a cow at Stillwater Farm
Random shot of stick bug because I hardly ever see them.

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Milking a cow at Stillwater Farm
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  1. Papaw. Parvin says thatwas and awesome video and would like to share his experience with you Papaw was about13 yrs old and his granfather Papa Banks made him milk the cows in the mornings and at nite this was onlyone of his chores they took the milk and made buttermilk and butter this was at. Papa Banks farm in Childerburg close to Sylacoyga and he also had a farm in Empire on Higginbotham rd where Papaw used to pick cotton chopped cotton hoed’ gather worked corn. Gathded eggs fed the chickens cows mules. Cleaned the barns outwheretheanimals stayed he has memories he would like to share like to share with you and wants to milk a cow with u show u what he learned from his grandpa we love youand gonna work on that book you want

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