Travel Horror Stories

Travel Horror Stories

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Travel Horror Stories: Part 6

You have all heard of the horrors that could happen while traveling. I asked around for some stories, here are real stories that actually happened to people. I hope you enjoy!

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1. A Tale Of Two Mis-Bookings

4 days after getting home from a week in the Bahamas, I was set to leaving for another big adventure: My summer studying abroad. I was due to start classes at a business school in the north of France, and had my bags all ready to go.

The morning of my flight I woke up to a ton of missed message and call, and my heart began to sink: My best friend Flore, who lives in Paris was waiting for me at the airport. She was telling me she had been waiting for hours and she hoped that I was okay. That’s when it hit me: my flight had left the Unites States THE DAY BEFORE. In the flurry of events leading up to my departure, packing, and trying to see all my friends, I had mis-read the dates.

As a seasoned traveler, going back to Europe for the 5th time, I had never thought I could make such a silly mistake! I had seen the arrival date on my ticket, and mistook it for the same date that my flight left!  Panic set in, and I stepped into action. I had a choice to make: either try to find a cheaper ticket to still arrive in France before my classes start, or suck it up, pay the massive fees, and try to leave that same day.

My friend Flore (who was my high school exchange student) had planned for us to spend 3 days in Italy before I began school, and there was something that told me I could not miss this trip. I contacted the company I booked the ticket through (STA travel, who is fantastic) and an agent there helped me find the absolute best price I could get for a flight that left for Paris that day. I was so lucky to have a supportive mother who helped me cover the costs from this insane blunder, until I was back to work in the fall.

I tried to shake off my mistake, and arrived in France a day later. Luckily it was just in time for Flore and I to head off to Rome together! I had the time of my LIFE in Italy, visiting historic sites, and eating the best food I had ever had. Our last full night in town, we met up with the friends of the girl who hosted us in Rome, and went to an adorable Pizzaria. It was there at the pizza place that I ended up being seated next to a super handsome Italian guy, who was living in London and was only back in Rome for a visit.

We spoke to each other for hours on end, and even though we had a great time, I thought I would never see him again. When we arrived back home for the night, he had written me a message asking if he could take me out on a tour of Rome at night. Needless to say I had the most romantic date of my life, and pretty soon we were planning a trip for me to visit him in London.

I spent 4 days in London with Cristiano, and was super bummed when I had to head back to France. When we arrived at the airport, I had another heart sinking moment. There was no flight booked under my name for that date. Upon further investigation, I had accidentally booked my return flight for the following week. I know what you’re thinking- how could this possibly happen again? Honestly I couldn’t tell you-I had even sent my booking to my family to double check since I knew I was error prone, and no one else caught it either! Maybe because it was the end of one month and starting another I was thrown off- but it ended up being the best mistake of my life.

At first I was super embarrassed, and worried that Cristiano may be put off by my silly error. Luckily he was so happy, because we got the opportunity to spend 2 more days together! I was able to get a great price on a train back to France, and we spent the last two days getting to know each other even better. In those 2 days we even decided we wanted to take a trip to Amsterdam together before I returned to the United States!

These travel nightmares were such silly mistakes, but when I look back they were important moments in my life, and the way I handled them brought me here. Cristiano and I have been together over 4 years, and we got married last June in a beautiful ceremony in Italy. It’s not about the travel nightmares, but how you handle them that can really change your life!

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2. Missed Flights and Getting Lost

My works sends me on business trips often. This particular trip was for a huge lighting design and audio trade show in Frankfurt, Germany. Unfortunately, my flights were purchased later than my coworkers so I had to fly alone for part of the trip.

My first leg was from LAX to JFK (where I would meet the rest of my coworkers). Everything was on schedule until it started pouring in New York and all flights were delayed. I landed at JFK with maybe 15 minutes before I needed to get on my next flight. Long story short I was literally sprinting through JFK to make it to the correct terminal. Luckily, I made it with a few minutes to spare and was able to sleep for the most of the flight into Frankfurt.

Our trip was very quick but we had a great time learning, eating and exploring. Everything was fine until the morning of our return flight. My coworker (who speaks German and has visit Germany many times) told me that he knew exactly how to get back to the airport and we left our hotel with plenty of time to spare. We show up to the train station and get settled into our seats. I noticed that the train next to us had a little airplane emoji on the side of it. I turned to my coworker and said “Shouldn’t we be on that one because it has an airplane on it?” He reassured me that the one we were on also went to the airport so I didn’t think anything of it.

Halfway through our ride, they came to check our tickets. This was when they informed us that we were going in the complete wrong direction. Right when I heard that, I knew we were screwed. We got off at the next stop and returned back to the main station. After reading more signs, we got on another train that we thought was correct. What we soon found out was there were 7 total trains going to the Frankfurt airport… and we got on the only two lines that DIDN’T go to the airport. Fail.

Now, we are in the middle of the German countryside, lost and probably going to miss our flight. We find a taxi who is willing to drive us 30 minutes to the airport and get there with about 10 minutes to spare. Unfortunately, since it was an international flight they cut off the check in almost an hour before departure. Plus this was around Easter and apparently everyone goes on “holiday.” There were ZERO flights going to LAX on that airline for a few days so we had to cancel those tickets (with no refund) and book with a different airline. Luckily our bosses still had their rooms at the hotel so we went back, extended our stay and left the next morning.

I’m sure there are people that would love to have a free extra night in Germany (and I would have too given different circumstances). But I was so mad at my German speaking, abroad traveling coworker that I couldn’t enjoy it. So I sat in my room for the rest of the day, went to bed early and took a taxi directly to the airport in the morning.

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3. The Dark Storage Room

I was traveling through Europe with friends and stayed in airbnb’s throughout the trip. In Munich, we stayed in what was advertised as an “artist’s loft” with a beautiful profile page on Airbnb and decent reviews. However, it was a barely refurbished attic above a bar! Splintering wood floors, unfinished floorboards and I’m sure creatures lived in the walls. It was a mattress on the floor and peeling paint on the walls. We had no money and we’re only staying 2 nights, so we sucked it up and roughed it. However, we ended up getting locked inside on our way out. We physically could not open the door! We had a train to catch and we’re frantically calling the owner, but no answer because it was a gaggle of bartenders who ran the place. We ended up escaping with our luggage through a dark storage room with a door that led to the outside. We did everything we could to report them to Airbnb and leave terrible reviews to warn others, but your review only gets posted if the host reviews you as well. We had contacted them with a few issues and questions, so they knew better than to leave us a review so ours was never posted. It makes me wonder how many other people had the same experience and their review was just never posted! Needless to say, I stay in hotels now.

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4. Sleep tight …

Recently my boyfriend and I went to Amsterdam and stayed in a cute Bed and Coffee that over looked the Amstel River. The view was amazing. After a day packed with walking and exploring the Dutch sites once we got to our room I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. Unfortunately, not too long after I woke up to a flashing light in my face. “What are you doing?” I asked my boyfriend. “Nothing!” he replied as he inspected the bedsheets. “Uh oh” I thought to myself, I know that look. My boyfriend is highly allergic to bedbugs and he gets this look in his eyes when he starts to feel the slight bit itchy. After 10 long minutes of inspecting we found a bed bug! It was about 3 am, I was super tired. What should we do? Do we pack our things and leave? Where would we go on such a short notice? We were on a tight budget so we decided to stay the night and see the reaction of the worker to determine our next move. We didn’t want to cause a scene so we cuddled on one corner of the bed and used a towel as a bedsheet. The next morning we told the worker what happened and he was very relaxed about the whole situation. At first he tried to blame us… “Well didn’t you stay at another place,” he asked. (We just came from Germany before coming to Amsterdam). He told us that he had a guest in the past that had bed bugs and she brought it in her luggage.  We told him that the hostel we stayed gave us sheets that had plastic wrapping. The likelihood of bringing something from there was low. He vacuumed the room and changed the bedsheets without changing the bed skirts. When I asked him to change the bed skirts (which had white marks on them) he replied, “Oh, we don’t really change those.”  I insisted he changed the bed skirts as well and we used the facility washer and dryer to wash our clothes in case it wasn’t just a lone bug. Needless to say as soon as we got back home from our trip I inspected everything and washed our clothes again!  Travel tip: SLEEP TIGHT BUT DON’T LET THE BED BUGS BITE!

Amsterdam Travel Horror Story

– Summer Salut!

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Travel Horror Stories of people who have gotten lost, been attacked, missed a flight, slept in the stress, and so much more.
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