Travel Bloggers You Should be Following in 2018

Travel Bloggers You Should be Following in 2018

Help my blog travel the world
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Travel Bloggers You Must Check Out

Here is a short list of travel bloggers you should be following! I personally, do not intently go to many travel bloggers websites. I do follow many on their social medias though. These are my travel bloggers that I do regularly visit their websites/social medias/videos for tips and to support them. I am extremely picky about who I take advice from and follow along with.

Through an aussies eyes

Through An Aussie’s Eyes 

Helena is from Australia. Helena and I have been pen pals since 2010. She travels all over the world and writes a lot about her local areas in Australia. We met in 2014 when she came here to Alabama. Head on over to check out her adventures. 

Adventures and Naps

 Adventures and naps is ran by Alanna. Alanna is an expat from Canada to England! She has some  great advice in transitioning to a new country, how to go through the paper process, and what it’s like being away from home.  Check out her blog and follow her on her social medias.

Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt is all about traveling on a budget. He is not a beginner traveler and has been doing this for quite some time. He travels all over the world as well. I actually discovered him a few years before I was really into traveling. He is a great example of quitting your office job to travel the world. It is possible to afford travel. I just recently bought his book and he is teaching me there is no perfect time to travel, you just have to jump in and learn to swim as you go!

This is us living blog

This is Us Living

Meg blogs about her and her husbands simplistic traveling life style along with their pug

Jack (who is the cutest). They also moved from South Africa to Ireland. They can help you figure out how to live a minimalist travel life style, find local spots,  as well what it is like to to move from one country to another.  Make sure you check out their blog and follow them on their social medias.

Who are some travel bloggers that you keep up with the daily? Hopefully you can add me to your list as well as some of the people from this list.

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Chasa is a travel blogger who has been writing since 2016. She has traveled domestically and internationally since 2013 and resides in the state of Alabama, where she pursues her passion for helping people see the beauty in other states and countries through her own accounts.

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Travel Bloggers you should be following in 2018
Help my blog travel the world
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    • Thank you so much for including me in this list! I am definitely going to check out the people on this list as well. I love supporting my fellow Alabamians! I am so aggravated I didn’t put you or another AL blogger in my travel post. Sometimes you guys write about travel!

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