How To Deal With Pushy Street Vendors Without Being A Jerk

How to deal with Pushy Street Vendors in Vietnam


Daniela also know as Mrs. Fancy Pants is here to tell us how she dealt with street vendors in Vietnam:

One of the biggest culture shocks a traveler from the first world can experience when visiting a developing nation is the shopping experience – not the products on offer, but how they are sold. We’re used to going to nice, orderly buildings, with stock reasonably easy to find, usually being pretty much left alone by the store staff apart from the odd “can I help you?”, and not receiving a hard sell. We pay the price on the label unless we live in a country where sales tax isn’t obvious until we reach the checkout. Maybe there will be some effort to upsell at that point depending on the goods being purchased, but it is usually pretty tame. Even street vendors in the more touristy areas of the US usually accept a polite “no thank you”. Our shopping experience, though, is in sharp contrast to the that of many other countries.

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17 Things Locals want you to know Before Visiting Taiwan

I asked some locals what they wanted tourist to know before visiting their country!


Ting says:

1. “Taiwanese people are super friendly towards foreigners, but we don’t hug when we greet. We do shake hands when it’s business related. But most of the time people just smile and say hi when meeting friends or family members. Some girls feel uncomfortable when their guy friends hug them.”

2. “Public transportation is well developed in Taiwan. However, many drivers don’t follow the traffic rules. Don’t expect cars, taxis or buses to yield to pedestrians. Be extremely careful when crossing the street.” 

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