48 Hours in Sydney

48 HOURS IN SYDNEY Alex is orginally from Australia & is here to tell us how to spend 48 Hours In Sydney: After years of contemplating of how expensive and long the flights are, you finally came across some great flight deals a few months ago, and now you’re here… in Sydney. Now what? That’s … Read more48 HOURS IN SYDNEY

21 Things Locals Want you to Know Before Visiting Australia

I asked some locals what they wanted tourist to know before visiting their country!


Daniela says:

1.“Australians are a bit like the British. They are definitely more aloof than southerners, and if you start a random conversation with a stranger they will find it odd. Once they realise you aren’t about to ask them for money or trying to pick them up they’ll likely be fine though.”

2.“Any suggestion that the Australian Government swooped in like tyrants and disarmed the unfortunate Australian population will usually not go down well. Apart from a grumpy minority, most Australians are very in favour of gun control and supported the Howard government in changing the gun laws following the Port Arthur Massacre. If a potential Prime Minister promised to reverse those changes they would be very unlikely to be elected.”

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How I Traveled Without Leaving my Hometown.

Meeting My Pen Pals for the First Time

If you have ever started pen palling at any time in your life, you get to the point in that friendship that you really want to meet that person. I have only met two of my pen pals, Helena from Australia and Winnie Wu from Taiwan. Sometimes meeting someone like this can leave you in a pretty awkward position especially if you are not very social. I thought that I had been over what I would say a thousand times, what questions I would ask if I ever met any of my pals. Here are the stories of my first meet ups with Helena and Winnie.

helena blog
This is the only picture I have of Helena and me. We were at Jasper park. It was soooo cold!

Helena came over in the United States in 2014, she made it to Alabama in February, which I might add is a cold time to be in the beautiful state of Alabama. The first time we met she came to my work, at the time I was working at Dollar General. I thought it was pretty exciting that she met me there, I won’t lie, I felt like I had won some award I wanted to show off and tell everyone about.

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What does penpalling have to do with traveling?

 I never thought I would be able to afford traveling. In 2010 my cousin helped me to find a penpal website and it started from there. I know writing someone from another country or state seems childish and something you would only do in your 5th grade class, but it opens another door for you, especially if you cannot afford to travel.

In 2010, I started my first of many letters out of the country. What does this have to do with traveling? It has a lot to do with it. This was just the beginning, the door was open. I wanted to learn about people and their cultures. Isn’t that what traveling is about? The experience, the culture, and meeting new people? Yes, writing to people is mental traveling. 

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