Travel Bloggers You Should be Following in 2018

Travel Bloggers You Must Check Out

Here is a short list of travel bloggers you should be following! I personally, do not intently go to many travel bloggers websites. I do follow many on their social medias though. These are my travel bloggers that I do regularly visit their websites/social medias/videos for tips and to support them. I am extremely picky about who I take advice from and follow along with.

Through an aussies eyes

Through An Aussie’s Eyes 

Helena is from Australia. Helena and I have been pen pals since 2010. She travels all over the world and writes a lot about her local areas in Australia. We met in 2014 when she came here to Alabama. Head on over to check out her adventures. 

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Alabama Festivals for 2018

Alabama Festivals For 2018

Alabama Festivals for 2018   I know  a lot of people like to travel for festivals! I think that is something fun that can be different in every country/state! Here is a list of festivals in Alabama if you are coming through! Last Updated: 03-18-18 January Asian Heritage Festival| Birmingham, AL | January 13, 2018 … Read moreAlabama Festivals for 2018

Hiking at Ruffner Mountain

Hiking at Ruffner Mountain

Ruffner Mountain Ruffner Mountain is a 1,038-acre nature preserve. There are several trails to hike. Ruffner Mountain has an rehabilitation area for animals, so if you go in the building you can sometimes see insects and animals. They also have events and do guided hikes, but you have to make sure that you  sign up … Read moreHiking at Ruffner Mountain

Hiking at Limestone Park

Limestone Park a nature preserve

Limestone Park “Limestone Park is a site on the Appalachian-Highlands Birding Trail and recognized as a Central Alabama Birding Hot Spot. The park is abundant with rare plant life, aquatic & land animals, breeding & nesting area for 100’s of bird species. Including a nearby Egret & Blue Heron Rookery.” Quotes from the Friends of … Read moreHiking at Limestone Park

What Do You Pack For Traveling?


Electronic and Miscellaneous Items You Pack for Traveling I am going to list some of the non-clothing items I take for traveling. I am curious as what do you pack for traveling, domestic or international? I wonder if some of these are necessary or do they make traveling easier for us in a way. 1. … Read moreWhat Do You Pack For Traveling?