How to make extra money for traveling

How to make extra money for traveling

How to make extra money for traveling or how to save extra money in general

This is how my husband and I started saving to make extra money. Some of the things I mention may only be able to be done in the United States and even then may vary from state to state.

I am going to start off with the wildest one:

1. Dumpster Diving   

It sounds exactly like it is. Sometimes it is nasty and sometimes it’s not so bad. Here is a video of an example. I have watched quite a few of this guys video.

Here is my first dumpster diving video.

Also, some of the best places to go would be high-end apartments/Universities. I am going to add in a few pictures of some of the things I have actually found diving. Dumpster diving is legal in Alabama. So check where you live to make sure and also watch out for gates, locks, and signs, that’s when it starts to get illegal. We have found way more items than shown, like I have found hairsprays, mousse, candles, trash can, etc ( Oh yeah and I shouldn’t have to tell you this but wear long pants and sleeves, bring gloves, and hand sanitizer. 

Making extra money for travel
This vacuum is over $200. Yeah, it was used, all it needed was to be cleaned out and it works pretty good. Better than  our previous one.
Making extra money for traveling
DermaBlend. This stuff is over $30 in the store. I found a full bottle! Crazy!

2. Wood Work and Making Crafts

This is actually pretty fun. My husband and I started getting into wood work not too long ago. So we are still working at it. It also can cost you a little bit of money and time depending on the activity you do. If you can’t afford to buy the saws you need to wood work, ask a neighbor, friend, or family member. Our first saw came from a family member and then we started investing into better ones. Wood work

3. Couponing

I wish I could count up all the money I have made from couponing. You can make or save a lot of money by doing this. What you do is ad match or price match and apply coupons. I am going to add the groups that I am in to help you get started. It is actually very easy to learn and in some of these groups they pretty much lay the deals out for you. So all the work is done. Walmart Group, Publix, Couponing Group, Dollar General, CVS, Walgreens, Dollar Tree, Target. These groups will guide you! Seriously! 


Couponing to save money
Originally $123.54, after coupons $20.36 & anything over $5 is a too high of a haul. 
Couponing to save money
Originally $135.35, after coupons $3.81

4. Apps

The Walmart app, Shopkick app, and Usertesting. I have legit made money from all of these! They are a nice little extra income.

5. Ebay selling from Thrift Stores/ Yard Sales

We just started doing this recently and we already love shopping from these types of places. Something else to look into is see what are the most popular things selling on Ebay/Amazon\Etsy and look for those, not just the things you think might be antique. Always, look up the items on your phone before buying them. Look for new items that still have tags and obviously look for name brand items. My friend just started doing this herself and has made over $1,200 USD. It may have taken her a few months. (Also make sure to compare websites you plan on selling your items on) 

Vintage Sonic the Hedgehog
Vintage Sonic the Hedgehog. This was an item John had sitting around and decided he didn’t want anymore.
Antique tea pot salt shakers
We found these antique salt shakers at the thrift store.

6. Join an affiliate program (If you are a blogger and have a good bit of traffic)

I am currently with Amazon. I have some money, but not enough for it to deposited into my account. So check out all the different affiliate programs.

7. Sell Stock Photos

I just semi recently started selling stock photos on Creative Market and Etsy which is Non-exclusive, which means you can sell your photos that you upload on CM on other sites as well. (I haven’t sold anything on Cm or Etsy yet.) I also just recently sold my first photo on Foap. It did take me almost a year and  a half before I sold something on Foap, but I am totally okay with that because that is $5 I didn’t have. 

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