Road Trip From Alabama to Colorado

Road Trip from Alabama to Colorado

Things to do and see on this certain route from Alabama to Colorado   This is the route John and I took. Instead of making this post all about what I did. I want to show you the things that you can do along the route instead. Alabama There is the Glen Allen Natural Bridge. … Read moreRoad Trip From Alabama to Colorado

Beeswax Creek

Saturday, August 27, 2016


Beeswax Creek and Movie crew in Columbiana

Get out and drive is going to be a travel series about when you want to travel, but can’t really afford to go anywhere. Get out and drive has no destination, which makes it extremely fun!  

My husband and I decided we wanted to go somewhere, but really do not have the money to do a far away travel, you know, like hop on  a plane and go somewhere exotic!

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