11 Things Locals Want You To Know Before Visiting Canada


I asked some locals what they wanted tourist to know before visiting their country!


Alanna says:

1. ”Even though Canadians usually get teased about being too polite, we actually really respect people who are polite, too! (saying please and thank you, holding doors, etc.)”

2. ”Watch where you’re going. Obviously if you’re a tourist, you’re most likely looking up or through a camera, but it can be really annoying when people aren’t looking where they’re going and run into you.”

3. ”Traffic signs, food packing, etc, is written in both English and French.”

4. ”Also guns are NOT a thing. Only people who really have guns are hunters who have long riffles.”

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22 Tips To Help Make Travel Easy

22 Tips To Help Make Travel Easy

1. Bring Comfortable shoes. *I learned this the hard way, if you followed along with my Europe series (England, France, Spain, Italy). You will know that I messed my feet up for over 50% of this three week trip. I can’t stress enough how important this tip is, if you are going to be doing a lot of walking!

2. Copy/scan all your important document passports, hotel info, home address info.*Have paper copies and send them to your email too. Go above and beyond.

3. Take lots of photos.*But this shouldn’t be the main focus on your trip, taking too many pictures can take away from your trip. Enjoy where you are.

4. Learn a few words of the language if it is different than yours.

5. Write down the address of where you will be staying.

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