What to do in Europe (Part 2 France)

Once we were back from our road trip and were back in London. We rested up for a day and then we were headed off to France. We took a bus to France, okay we know that is not possible. We took a bus on a ferry, which was pretty cool. It was the biggest ferry I had ever been on at that point. I can’t remember how long the ferry ride was, but I know we ate breakfast on the ferry and soon we were back on the bus and back on the ground.

We went through their “bus security” (where you would get a stamp), at some point we stopped at a rest stop/public restroom. Well there was a stand up toilet. 

stand up toliet

 I wasn’t quite sure what to do so, I opened up my stall and asked Katie, “What is this? How do I use it?” Well easy answer, you just stand there and do your business. (Beware details for this trip is limited and scattered.)



It was similar to this, there was a rail you could hold onto and the hole was bigger, and your feet were further away from the hole.

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What to do in Europe (Part 1 England)

Like I stated in my introduction, my first traveling experience was in 2013, and it was out the country. I think for this to make sense for me, I am going to have to give you some background information. This was not a Vacation! I repeat this was not a vacation. I do not want to exploit this experience as such, but this is how it went.

2013 has been the worst and best year of my life. The sole purpose of this trip was to spend time with someone who was grieving, and I too was grieving. This time allowed us to lean on each other, and get to know each other in different ways, as we were not close before. To say this trip was easy or fun everyday would be a lie. I took some great experience away from this trip, and I experienced new things.

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What does penpalling have to do with traveling?

 I never thought I would be able to afford traveling. In 2010 my cousin helped me to find a penpal website and it started from there. I know writing someone from another country or state seems childish and something you would only do in your 5th grade class, but it opens another door for you, especially if you cannot afford to travel.

In 2010, I started my first of many letters out of the country. What does this have to do with traveling? It has a lot to do with it. This was just the beginning, the door was open. I wanted to learn about people and their cultures. Isn’t that what traveling is about? The experience, the culture, and meeting new people? Yes, writing to people is mental traveling. 

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~Living in the South~ (Alabama)

So there always seem to be some  misconceptions  about Southerns. Just because we are from the South does not mean:

 1. We do not all own farms! We have cities you know! Besides if you are from Ohio  or have ever been  EX: they have tons and tons of fields up there. In fact I do not even live around a farm. 

 2. We have a little drawl but that does not mean  we are all slow.  

3. We do not all wear overalls. ( I’ll admit I have a pair of short overalls.) 

4. We do not all own a pair of boots. ( I’ll admit that I do.) 

5. Not all girls like to dress up, not all girls like to go hunting and get dirty. 

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