How to Find the Best Routes for Vacation

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Traveling Made Easier With Routes Mapped Out For You   I am talking about a website where people map out routes for you in cities to make planning your trip easier and help you find things you might not have without it! All you have have to do is type in the city you want … Read moreHow to Find the Best Routes for Vacation

16 Things Locals Want You To Know Before Visiting Denmark


I asked some locals what they wanted tourist to know before visiting their country!


Zitta says:

1.  “Most Danes are not good at small talk and we are usually not comfortable with strangers who decide to come up and chat with us. This can be perceived as cold or unfriendly, but the truth is that we are just not accustomed to this level of public interaction. If you want to chat with danes, this is best accomplished out on the town with a beer in hand – we are much more talkative and approachable after a drink!”

2. ”Denmark is a small country of just below 6 million inhabitants, so we need to have an international perspective. Almost everyone speaks english well enough to carry a conversation and many are well versed in german as well.”

3. ”You will probably notice that we are especially fond of our flag. We use our flag for many occasions, and almost none of them have to do with being a national symbol, but rather a symbol of celebration.”

4. ”We will decorate with flags when someone has a birthday – this is probably the main use of the danish national flag in everyday life – which is why it is also commonly referred to as “birthday flags.”

5. ”Stores will use flags as decoration when the store is having a “birthday sale” at the anniversary of a shop’s opening day.”

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The Top Things To Do In Savannah, Georgia

Thursday, September 8-

Saturday, September 10, 2016

All The Things You Can Do In Savannah

1. Tybee Island -Battery Brumy -North Beach bar and Grill

2. Downtown-Art Emporium-Open container (If you like to drink)

3. Botanical Gardens

4. Wormsloe(Historical site)

5. Bonaventure Cemetery

6. Chippewa Square- Savannah Visitor center/museum (Where the bench scene from Forrest Gump was filmed. The bench is in the museum) 

7. John St. Cathedral

8. Cotton and Rye (Restaurant) 

Read on to find out more about these places! 

Finally John (husband) and I get to take a vacation. We were not too far off from GA, only about 5 and half hours. So we made our way down(or over) to Savannah, Georgia. There are a lot of things to do in the city and outside of the city.  We left on Thursday 8am and arrived around 4pm.

The first thing we did when we arrived to the area was check in to the Baymont Inn Savannah South. Then after that we headed to the beach, Tybee Island to be exact. This is a pretty cool place! There is a lighthouse you can go up in, but we made it too late to visit inside.  

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