Work With Me

Work With Me

Why you should work with Chasa Travels:

I love traveling and being outdoors and that is where it starts. I give honest reviews, and I want to help expand your brand/product/company!

Services Offered

Press and Social Media Trips
Giveaway/Contest Promoting
Product Reviews


Facebook: 900+

Instagram: 970+

Twitter: 675+

Pinterest: 1,600+

YouTube: 70+

TripAdvisor: 60,000 readers


Monthly page views: 1,500+

Monthly new visitors: 800+

Female/Male: 71.9%/28.1%

Ages 18-24: 20.57%

Ages 25-34: 28.69%

United States: 75%

Canada: 48%

Contact to work with me or for further questions!